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mass murder

22 killed, 50 injured in Lewiston as US Army Reserve firearms instructor Robert Card goes on a shooting spree, FBI ready to assist investigation

Lewiston police stated that they are seeking a car with a black front bumper in connection with the ongoing gunshots in the city. In addition to local police, the FBI and US Homeland Security have offered assistance in the case of the horrific shooting.

‘Even I am not safe here’: Congress MLA slams law and order in her own party-ruled state when questioned about the mass murder in...

Speaking to the media outside the Assembly, the Rajasthan Congress MLA Divya Maderna said that she herself feels unsafe in her own party-ruled state

Wikipedia continues to rewrite history, this time prepares to delete page on mass killings under communist regimes: Here are the reasons they gave

Leftist editors in Wikipedia claim that even though mass murders took place under communist regimes, they do not deserve a Wikipedia page

The Taliban accused of mass murder in Panjshir, family members of resistance leaders and civilians killed in large numbers

Mojir Haqjo, the nephew of Late Marshall Fahim and brother-in-law of Fahim's son Adib, was reportedly executed by the Taliban

China’s gold medalists wear Mao badges on Olympics podium: Here is a brief profile of Chinese mass murderer Mao Zedong

Mao's policies and ambitions led to the death of tens of millions of Chinese. However the use of Olympic podium to express political messages is not new.

Andhra Pradesh man hacks family of six including two children to avenge the rape of his daughter: Details

Andhra Pradesh police confirmed that the incident was a fall out of a old feud between the accused and the victim family

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