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12 January 2006 Hajj Stampede in Mecca: When 363 pilgrims died while ‘stoning the Devil’

A small hospital, located near the site of the accident, by the name of Mina General Hospital was overwhelmed with patients.

Here is a list of 5 mosques that were built after demolishing holy shrines of other religions

In October last year, Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen said that Prophet Mohammed had himself destroyed 360 idols of pre-Islamic Arab Gods at Kaaba.

Shah Rukh Khan performs Umrah in Mecca, Muslims call him a ‘sinner’ for keeping idols in his house, being married to a Hindu

Shah Rukh Khan announced wrapping up the Saudi Arabia schedule of Rajkumar Hirani's directorial Dunki after which he did Umrah

Saudi Arabia: Yemeni man arrested after he performed Mecca pilgrimage requesting Allah to accept Queen Elizabeth in heaven

The Yemeni man performed the Umrah pilgrimage on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II and held a banner that read, "Umrah for the soul of Queen Elizabeth II, we ask God to accept her in heaven and among the righteous".

Saudi Arabia: Local driver arrested for touring an Israeli journalist through Mecca city, where non-Muslims are not allowed

A Saudi citizen who allegedly helped a Jewish journalist to enter the holy city of Mecca has been arrested

Hijab as ‘choice’: When 15 girls were left to die in a raging fire just because they were not ‘appropriately dressed’

In 2002, 15 Muslim school girls died as they were not allowed to escape a burning school building by Religious Police for not wearing hijab, rescuers were not allowed to help them because 'touching' women was not allowed.

Grand Mosque siege: How the attack on Mecca masjid turned Saudi Arabia into a more regressive Islamic kingdom

The Grand Mosque seizure of November 20, 1979 remains the deadliest terror attack on Saudi Kingdom to date.

Islamists of Raza Academy triggered by Saudi Arabia’s decision to open cinema halls in Madina city, call for protests

Mumbai's Raza Academy, infamous for the 2011 Azad Maidan riots, has denounced the decision by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start cinema halls in Madina city.

Saudi Arabia releases Karnataka man arrested over ‘blasphemous’ post 2 years ago, was falsely implicated by Abdul brothers for supporting CAA-NRC

Saudi Arabia police arrested Harish Bangera in December 2019, after a 'blasphemous' post was shared from a Facebook account created in his name

Harish from Udupi spent 2 years in Saudi jail for fake Facebook post made by Abduls, might finally be released and return to India

Two brothers from Moodabidri - Abdul Huyez and Abdul Thuyez had created a fake account on Facebook in the name of Harish Bangera to posted derogatory comments on the Saudi Crown Prince and Mecca, the holy site of Muslims across the world, for which Saudi Arabia police had arrested Harish Bangera in December 2019.

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