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Media Lies List

Media starts its usual trope to shield Islamists, talks about Hindus being saved by Muslims while they were under attack by a Muslim mob...

The Muslim family provided the Hindus also with some Muslim-looking clothes. The woman cop was given a burqa and the father-son duo were provided with some T-shirts which had Muslim symbols imprinted on them.

BJP leader Vijay Goel shares video that disproves media allegations that he slapped a woman, video was shared by AAP leaders too: Details

On the 5th of June, digital news portal The New Indian shared a video of BJP leader Vijay Goel with the claim that he slapped a woman publicly.

TOI journalist lies about Parbhani lynching: From ‘victims not Sikhs’ to ‘alarm about thieves not coming from a mosque’. What victim’s relative told OpIndia

Sikkalkari Sikhs are the Sikh artisans who had migrated from Punjab to Nanded in the state of Maharashtra during the period of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. At present, many Sikkalkari settlements reside in small huts in several towns in Marathwada region of the state. They are significantly seen in Nanded, Beed, Parbhani, and Hingoli districts.

AltNews’ Zubair and his lackey share cropped video to claim BJP TN Chief Annamalai claimed credit for CSK’s IPL win when he was countering...

Mohammed Zubair of AltNews yet again shared a cropped video of BJP leader K Annamalai to mock him and deflect attention from DMK

How AltNews manipulated an apolitical NGO in Kolkata helping educate kids: ‘Claims of AltNews association a lie, we were misled’, says NGO to OpIndia

Pratik Sinha, co-founder of AltNews claimed that under AltED, they had taught digital literacy to kids in Kolkata - turns out- he lied about a lot

How media has been creating a conspiracy theory where none exists for past 4 months: Read about attempt to bring down Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

Bageshwar Dham and its Mahant Dhirendra Krishna Shastri have come under the scrutiny of the Liberal and Islamist cabal.

From fake ‘Nobel nominations’, to fake news spread by ‘fact-checkers, Hinduphobic lies by western profs, media lies: Top 20 OpIndia fact-checks of 2022

OpIndia tried its best to bust as many lies as we possibly could. Here are top 20 fact-checks done by OpIndia in the year 2022, in no particular order.

Did BJP MLA threaten Muslims with no development if they don’t vote for him? AltNews’ Zubair spreads lies, Muslims say ‘ready to fact check...

On the 13th of December, AltNews' out-on-bail fact-checker, who fancied himself as winning the Nobel prize (which also turned out to be fake news) shared a video of Karnataka BJP MLA Preetam Gowda.

The Hindu wilfully misrepresents what Kishan Reddy said about #HarGharTiranga program to insert China, KTR furthers the propaganda

On August 1st, 2022, The Hindu published a report with a headline – “Kishan Reddy defends flag import”.

NDTV, in service of Congress: How the rag tried to downplay scathing observations made by HC in Smriti Irani case, against Congress leaders

Despite all the Congress propaganda stating otherwise, Delhi High Court has noted that neither Smriti Irani nor her teenage daughter Zoish Irani was ever issued a license in connection with a restaurant named Silly Souls Cafe and Bar located in Goa. 

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