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Media starts its usual trope to shield Islamists, talks about Hindus being saved by Muslims while they were under attack by a Muslim mob in Nuh

While the gesture by the family towards the victims is appreciative and worth lauding, it is important to note that the violence erupted in the city only after the Islamists attacked the Jalabhishedk procession.

In the midst of the massive violence in Nuh in Haryana which erupted after the Muslim mob attacked the Jalabhishek procession organized by Hindus in Mewat region, several media reports are making attempts to shield or defend the community who pelted stones in the first place at a Mahadev temple and the participants of the procession.

In one such attempt media channels like the Times of India and the ABP news have highlighted that two members from a Hindu family and a female police officer were protected and escorted by a Muslim family from the violent mob amid the clashes in Nuh. The reports indicated that Muslims were of help to Hindus amid the ruckus further trying to play down the fact that the violence was erupted by the Islamists in the city.

Residents of Sohna, Karan Singh and his son Vivek were in Nuh for some work after which they decided to visit the temple and be a part of the Jalabhishek Yatra. However, as the Islamists attacked the yatra, the father-so duo were dragged out of their car and thrashed by the violent mob. After this, the duo ran for their lives and found shelter in a Muslim joint family of around 15 members.

Image source- ABP news

Later a female cop also arrived at the spot to save her life from the violent attacking mob. The Muslim family provided the three with food, shelter and also protected them from the attacking crowd. Later they were escorted after the situation turned calm after a few hours.

Interestingly, the reports stated that the Muslim family provided the Hindus also with some Muslim-looking clothes. The woman cop was given a burqa and the father-son duo were provided with some T-shirts which had Muslim symbols imprinted on them. As per the reports, this was to save the three from the attackers who were indicatively Islamists. The Muslim family probably speculated that the attackers might spare the father-son duo and the woman cop after seeing them in Muslim clothes.

Screenshot from TOI report

While the gesture by the family towards the victims is appreciative and worth lauding, it is important to note that the violence erupted in the city only after the Islamists attacked the Jalabhishedk procession. Further, while the reports clearly mention that the family helping the Hindus belonged to the Muslim community, they fail to highlight that the attacking men in the Nuh region also belonged to the Muslim community, slightly trying to shield the attackers.

Singh and Vivek after being sent safe by the Muslim family went to fetch their car but saw it torched. Their phones and other important documents were also set ablaze by the violent crowd who earlier had thrashed the duo. The police then escorted the two back to their home in Sohna.

What happened in Nuh that day?

It was reported earlier that several devotees were stuck at various locations including Nuh temples, chowk, and near the police station after the mob raising slogans of “Allahu Akbar” attacked the Yatra in a planned manner. Following the violence, VHP president Alok Kumar had urged the police and administration to quickly rescue the devotees stressing that the yatra is an annual affair and this year it was targeted in a planned and organised manner.

The VHP members also highlighted that the mob had targeted the procession in an organised manner as a result of this many devotees had turned hostage finding shelter to protect themselves from stone pelting and gunshots. According to media reports, around 2500 people had taken shelter in a temple near Gurugram.

However, the Nuh Police informed to OpIndia that all the Hindus who were trapped in the temple were rescued and that they had been sent home safely. A total of 5 people, including 2 Home Guard personnel, were killed in this violence. The others who have been brutally killed have been identified as Bajrang Dal activist Abhishek Rajput and sweet seller Shakti Saini.

Abhishek and Saini brutally killed by Islamists in Nuh

The Islamists dragged the sweet seller from his shop, murdered him and then threw him away. In case of Abhishek Rajput, the brutality escalated as the Islamists first shot him dead, slit his throat with a sharp weapon and then crushed his head with stones. The rescued Hindu devotees also narrated the eye-witnessed incident and stated that the attackers used AK-47 to fire at the devotees. “14-year-olds were using weapons. They had planned the attack for over six months.” The victims also said the bullets brushed several injured people’s stomachs, legs and thighs.

The brutality of the murderous attack at Nuh by the Islamists can’t even be imagined but what the media reports like the BBC, NDTV chose to report is all about the Mosque set ablaze in Gurugram. A ‘mosque’ was allegedly set ablaze on Monday (July 31) night in Sushant Lok Phase-III in Sector 59 of Gurugram claimed a life as verified from the FIR copy that has been obtained by OpIndia.

However, it is important to note that the mosque identified as the Anjuman Imam Masjid was a disputed structure built on ‘government-allocated land’ in the New Gurugram area. The construction of the mosqe was also stopped by the courts on several occasions.

BBC, NDTV shielding Islamists?

While reporting about the matter, the NDTV played down the violence in Nuh and claimed that the procession organized by Hindus sparked off the violence. “Organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra sparked off a communal clash that has claimed five lives and left at least 70 injured. The dead include two security personnel and two civilians, a mosque’s cleric among them,” it reported. However, no mentions of other Hindus deceased in Nuh could be found.

Report by NDTV

Also, the BBC which is known for its anti-India bias, claimed that the violence in Nuh erupted after the Hindus took out the procession. Mentioning clearly about the mosque in Gurugram and the death aligned, BBC reported, “A mosque was set on fire and a Muslim cleric killed during religious clashes that broke out after a procession by Hindu nationalist groups in the northern Indian state of Haryana. Violence broke out on Monday afternoon during a procession taken out by the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.”

BBC report

The BBC also attempted to hold Bajrang Dal’s Monu Manesar responsible for the violence as it said, “Manesar is a well-known cow vigilante who regularly uploads videos of himself questioning cattle transporters. In recent years, cattle traders – many of them Muslim – have been assaulted by Hindu vigilante groups as the animal is venerated in the religion.”

The report also stated that a temple and several cars in Nuh were attacked by the mob but forgot to mention that the mob belonged to the Muslim community, again clearly shielding the attackers.

Muslims were highlighted as ‘saviours’ during 2020 DJ Halli riots

Notably, this is not the first time when the media has attempted to downplay an anti-Hindu violence by specifically reporting that Muslims had helped the Hindus during the ruckus. Earlier in the year 2020 when the DJ Halli riots happened, several media reports had noted that Muslim youths had formed a human chain to guard a temple during the violence that erupted in Bengaluru. The reports claimed that the Muslims ensured that the temple stays protected from the riots that broke out after protests erupted over a social media post allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. “We live as brothers, sisters,” the Muslims were quoted as saying by the Print.

As reported earlier, the violence claimed the lives of three persons and left several more injured. After the incident, the enraged crowd also attempted to set the police station on fire.

The Muslim mob, carrying petrol bombs and other weapons barged into the nearby police quarters and attacked the premises. The Muslim mob was also seen raising Islamic slogans like ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ and ‘Nara-e-Taqbeer’ outside the police station. Around 9 FIRs were registered in the case. However, in September 2020 the case was taken over by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for further investigation.

Rioting Muslim mob in Bengaluru

Media was exposed claiming ‘Muslims helped install new idols at the temple’ in Delhi in 2019

Also, in the year 2019 after the Muslims caused deliberate damage to a Hindu temple in Delhi, one photo of Muslims serving food to the Hindus had taken the media by storm. In the event organized by VHP for the ‘Praan Pratishtha’ of the idols, the photograph of 2-3 Muslim men serving food to the Hindus in the Hauz Qazi was highlighted by the media.

Image that had gone viral in 2019

CNN News 18 reported that the Muslims of Hauz Qazi were distributing food during the consecrated ceremony in a show of communal harmony. Hindustan Times further reported claiming “Muslims helped install new idols at the temple”.

Later it was revealed that the Pran Pratishtha event was organized by the VHP and the Muslims of Hauz Qazi had not paid any amount towards the event. Hence, the reports that Muslims ‘helped install new idols’ in the Durga Temple were proved as outright lies.

Naeem helped 7-8 Hindus during Delhi riots

In 2020, a media report by India Times reported how Naeem Ali Pradhan, 34, from Shiv Vihar, helped at least 7-8 Hindus on the night of February 24 when the anti-CAA violence was at its peak escape to safer locations. 

“I saw them. They were Hindus who were trying to escape a mob looking to target them. They had lost their way inside the streets of our colony. I along with other Muslim men escorted them to the nearby Hindu locality,” Naeem, who was also a member of the Aman Committee constituted by the Delhi police was quoted as saying.

On the 24th and 25th of February 2020, India’s national capital Delhi saw large-scale anti-Hindu riots which marked the culmination of the hostility, hatred, and anger spread by the anti-CAA protests by the Islamists in Shaheen Bagh and other areas. Shahdara, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Brahmapuri, and other parts of northeast Delhi witnessed violence perpetrated by the Islamists. 53 people died in these riots while more than 200 people were left injured.

While many people wish to look at the Delhi Riots 2020 in isolation, the sequence of events starting right from the 1st of December 2019 proves otherwise. It proves that the violence was a concerted effort to push India toward anarchy. It proves that the Delhi Riots was no anti-Muslim pogrom, it was indeed, a well-oiled plan against Hindus.

OpIndia had extensively covered the anti-Hindu riots, which were falsely presented by the mainstream media as an anti-Muslim pogrom, and established facts documenting tragic cries of Hindus which would otherwise have gone unheard.


The Indian mainstream media seems to have always performed its ‘bias’ to sympathize the minority communities under the guise of being ethical, liberal and unbiased. Media have allegedly humanized terrorists, criminals in the past and published copies of their family member’s emotions supressing the crimes of these accused persons ‘unknowingly’.

According to the ‘liberal’ media who at times ‘fails’ to speak the truth, only seasoned criminals who fight against India’s interests, murder Hindus, and Jihadis who actively pursue ‘teaching Kafirs a lesson’ are granted the distinction of being portrayed as saints. But when a Hindu is brutally murdered by these very persons, they not only proceed to humanise the murderer but dehumanise the Hindu victim. And this trend has remained unchallenged for years now.

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