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Punjab farmers sell rice to private buyers in Haryana at higher prices, arhtiyas object and AAP leaders urge the farmers not to do it

Punjab farmers are selling their Basmati and Parmal rice to private buyers in Haryana at much higher prices compared to mandi prices

SG in AgustaWestland scam was Sushen Gupta, who was paid off in fighter plane negotiation during Congress regime, not Sonia Gandhi: Details

The ED says that the agency has found proofs that payments were made to several people on the instructions of Sushen Gupta

Arhtiyas call off strike after Punjab govt modifies software allowing them to get paid for foodgrain procurement from farmers

The Arhtiyas withdrew the strike after the CM assured them that they will remain an integral part of the food grain procurement system

It is confirmed, Congress CM in Punjab is speaking on behalf of middlemen, not the farmers: Here is what he said

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh has objected to the Centre's move of directly making payments to farmers' bank account, alleging that it would aggravate the ongoing crisis over farm laws.

After opposing reforms that free farmers from shackles of middlemen, Congress now sees middlemen in DBT payment to farmers

While opposing a law that seeks to remove middlemen from farm sector, Congress sees middlemen in DBT payments to farmers

‘Farmer’ protests: Arhtiyas in Punjab to shut down all mandis in state in protest after IT Dept conducts searches, claim persecution

Arhtiyas in Punjab, or commission agents as they are called, are incensed after the IT department served notices to 14 of them.

One in three farmers in Punjab are absentee landlords, MSPs paid to middleman through DBT: Here is how Punjab farmers play by different rules...

In Punjab, FCI and state agencies procure grains from middleman and deposit MSP through DBT into their account, who in turn pay the farmers

Farmer agitation instigated by arhatiyas and middlemen fearing loss of ₹6000 crores says BJP leader

There are about 25,000 arhatiyas or middlemen in Punjab who stand to lose profits due to the new farm laws.

Farmer group bats for ‘middlemen’, hails them as ‘service providers’ while scare-mongering about reforms in agriculture sector

Protesting farmers say that they are happy to pay commission to middlemen, claims new farm laws are not needed for their protection

Former Congress leader representing Christian Michel claims he didn’t reveal any names, accuses ED of leaking the charge-sheet

In its fourth supplementary charge sheet, it was reported that Michel named Shekhar Gupta and Manu Pubby to have been asked to tone down their reports.

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