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NCPCR Chief pulls up journalist for glorifying madarsas, says depriving children of education in the name of the madarsa is a violation of child...

NCPCR chief Priyanka Kanoongo a heated debate with one Ranvijay Singh who identifies himself as 'independent journalist' over madarsa education

Karnataka Minority Welfare Department issues order prohibiting hijab, saffron scarfs at govt-run minority institutions

Karnataka HC has in its interim order has restrained all students from wearing saffron scarfs, hijab within the classroom at institutions where there is an uniform dress code rule.

Uttarakhand: Proposal moved for madrassas to get a new makeover with smart classes, LEDs and speakers

The Prime Minister's 15-Point Programme Implementation Committee in Uttarakhand has been seeking ₹27 crores from the Central government for the project.

Jamia, AMU and many other anti-CAA agitations are “protests of entitlement”

The protests by Jamia and AMU 'students' are nothing but a mixture of hatred and bigotry

Rajasthan: Congress govt allocates Rs 1.88 crore to Madarsas after claiming that Modi govt has not released funds

The Congress government in Rajasthan led by Ashok Gehlot has sanctioned Rs 1.88 crore for Madarsas in the state

Students resorting to ‘false conversions overnight’ to gain admission into minority colleges: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court observed, "The right of minority institutions is not absolute, and is amenable to regulation.."

Teachers in St. Stephen’s college oppose Church’s intrusion into admission process, get warned

Member of Church of North India (CNI), bishop Warris K Masih brazened out the decision saying the college belongs to them and the teachers have no locus standi in the matter.

Jamia Millia Islamia refuses to implement EWS quota, cites minority tag: Reports

Jamia Milia Islamia has stated that it will not implement the EWS quota.

Take the Quiz : Find out if you might be a ‘Bad Hindu’

Score yourself and find out if you might be a "bad Hindu".

HRD Ministry plans to set up ‘National Madarsa Board’ to register madarsas for better academic standards

Uttar Pradesh government has already taken steps to mainstream the madarsas

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