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“Unconstitutional, anti-Muslim, religion-based”: As CAA is implemented, Owaisi, Al Jazeera and others start peddling misinformation, call for protests

In 2020, the same ecosystem was at work inciting Islamists against CAA and manufacturing propaganda against India and Hindus through the Western media

Former NDTV anchor Priyanshi Sharma spreads fake news about India on The Wire ironically while complaining about fake news: Details

When OpIndia checked the 'source' of her claim, we found huge discrepancies in the assertions made by Priyanshi Sharma about India topping the list of countries in fake information.

Tripura Police arrest freelance scribe from West Bengal for spreading misinformation

The accused was later produced before a local court, where the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court sent him to Judicial Custody till October 12.

Media organisations from Turkey and Qatar are actively involved in a disinformation campaign against India: Report

Pro-Pakistan or pro-China groups are often responsible for spreading disinformation targeting India in the Gulf region as these groups seek to undermine India's relations with the Gulf countries. Disinformation often includes false claims about India's human rights record, its treatment of minorities, and its foreign policy.

Congress’ Jairam Ramesh spreads misinformation about Indian syrups over deaths of children in Gambia and Uzbekistan to target Modi govt

Congress leader spread misinformation about the Indian cough syrup, incorrectly linking them to deaths of children in Gambia and Uzbekistan.

Sculptor Arun Yogiraj accuses ‘The Hindu’ of not crediting him for the chiselling of Netaji statue at Kartavya Path: Here is what we know...

A tweet posted by the Ministry of Culture on September 13 also appreciated Arun Yogiraj for his "breathtaking" work over a span of 75 days.

‘Index is an erroneous measure of hunger and suffers from methodological issues’: India rubbishes Global Hunger Report 2022

The Indian government issued a statement saying that indicators used for the index were not representative of India's population.

Leicester: How targeted attacks on Hindus and misinformation campaigns, from ‘Muslim girl abduction attempt’ to ‘mosque attacked’, unfolded

Leicester Islamists also resorted to making outlandish claims to deviate public discourse from targeted attacks on Hindus

Chants of ‘Death to Muslims’: How wild allegations by Leicester Police Chief endangered the lives of the Hindu community

The Leicester police have been at the forefront of a misinformation campaign that endangered the lives of Hindus in the city, following the Asia Cup group stage match between India and Pakistan on August 28.

Media does a hit job on ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie, claims it did not receive National awards in 2022. Here is the truth

The Kashmir Files did not feature in any category of National Awards because they were meant for movies released in 2020.

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