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UP: Aatif, Rehan among 4 arrested over namaz inside Lulu Mall; Islamists and Cong leaders had spread fake news that Hindus posed as Muslims

The arrests made by police plainly refute the myth that the Namaz at Lulu mall was offered by non-Muslims.

Telangana: Chief Minister KCR peddles conspiracy theories, claims ‘foreign hand’ in Godavari floods

"There are theories that these cloudbursts are being done to destabilise the country,” KCR suggested.

Meet Tahaffuz-E-Deen India YouTube channel, calls Khalistani terrorist ‘Hindu’, uses BBC’s misleading report against Kashmiri Pandits and more

Islamic channel Tahaffuz-E-Deen India spreads fake and misleading reports about Hindus. Uses false claims to spread misinformation.

Half-truths, false claims and lies: Rana Ayyub’s speech and interview at the IJF in Italy are the same as her book and articles

While being fully aware that the predominantly Western audience knew nothing about the internal affairs of India, Rana Ayyub used the platform to peddle misinformation and false narratives.

After ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ and ‘legendary sniper Wali’, lady sniper ‘Charcoal’ becomes the latest mythical hero for Ukraine

Ukrainian Army posted a series of images of a female sniper, "Charcoal", seen in camouflage, covering her face with a green mask.

Pakistan using Karnataka hijab row to spread misinformation and communal divide, created hundreds of fake Twitter accounts to push anti-India propaganda

Hundreds of fake Twitter accounts with the the name Muskan Khan was created in Pakistan to incite the hijab row

Congress propaganda on the burqa row gets support from Pakistan again, Shah Mahmood amplifies the misinformation spread by Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi had earlier conflated the Karnataka hijab row with women's rights issues, falsely insinuating that the hijab-clad girls are being denied their 'constitutional rights'. The reality is that the college administration in Udupi has been trying for weeks to convince the girls to follow the dress code and start attending classes.

‘There is more that can be done’: White House asks Spotify to take ‘further’ action against podcaster Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan had stated that young Americans were not at risk of contracting COVID-19 and therefore should not take vaccines.

Neil Young’s content removed from Spotify after he called on the streaming giant to choose between him and Joe Rogan: Details

Neil Young had asked Spotify to made the choice after an infectious disease expert on Joe Rogan's podcast had opposed to COVID-19 vaccines for children

Before NDTV journalist Vishnu Som rushes to cast aspersions on the shelf life extension to Covaxin, he should read his own channel’s report: Details

Vishnu Som had recently taken to Twitter to question the extension of shelf life granted to Bharat Biotech's Covaxin

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