Saturday, September 18, 2021



Turkish govt-owned news portal publishes misleading photograph with Indian Covid stats

Photograph of Nepalese cremation ground passed as India's while publishing Covid-19 stats by Turkish News outlet TRT World

The Scroll publishes misleading headline to attack the UP govt for filing FIR in fake oxygen SOS case in Amethi

The concerned person had created sensation over a false emergency. The police served him a notice under section 41 of the CrPC and has let him go with a warning.

TMC, Kashmiri Journalist and propagandists found posting fake images and videos amidst Covid-19 crisis

TMC's campaign handle 'Banglar Gorbo Mamata' was found spreading deliberate lies and fake news during the Covid pandemic.

Columnist says Foreign Policy editors had forced him to write that the farm laws were “rammed through the Indian Parliament” by Modi govt

Columnist Salvatore Babones said that Foreign Policy Editors insisted on adding that the farm laws were rushed through the parliament

American anti-vaxxer author tricked into endorsing fake quote from porn star ‘doctor’ Johny Sins

American anti-vaxxer author Naomi Wolf was fooled into sharing a fake quote by porn star Johnny Sins, leading to much mockery.

InstantBollywood: How this Bollywood fan Instagram handle with millions of followers has been spreading anti-farm laws propaganda

Owned by one Simi Deol, Instant Bollywood spread anti-farm law propaganda on its social media accounts to millions of followers

‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot thinks Shaheen Bagh Bilkis was ‘fighting for women’s equality’, deletes story later

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot faced criticism for calling anti-CAA protestor Bilkis as an activist fighting for 'women's equality'.

With ‘farmers’ failing to get mass support, editor-in-chief of Punjabi mag spreads blatant lies, fear-mongers about Armed forces uprising

"Many will be killed and get injured in government's operation against farmers at Sindhu border" claimed fear-mongerer Gurcharan Singh Babbar

Sermons at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, telecast live and watched by millions, spreads misinformation about farm laws

Katha Vachak Baba Banta Singh Ji spread misinformation on Agriculture law during Morning Prayers at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi

AltNews’ Pratik Sinha, who fancies himself as a ‘fact checker’, has been spreading fake news for several years: A sneak peek

AltNews has emerged as a fountainhead of lies and deceit with co-founders like Pratik Sinha shamelessly propagating lies

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