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MK Gandhi

‘Victory over Kafirs’: Read about Islamic leaflets spread before Direct Action Day, the treachery of MK Gandhi and a forced apology by HS Suhrawardy

This documentation of the less-known facts about direct action day and the way it still persists is an attempt to keep the sufferers informed about the causes and effects of the wounds they have sustained; because it is the only way they shall find a way to not let it happen ever again.

MK Gandhi denied ‘modern medicine’ for Kasturba but was eager to avail it when Manu needed a surgery? Here is what old documents say

MK Gandhi denied penicillin for Kasturba but he was okay opting for surgery for Manu Gandhi three years later

“Insulting Mahatma Gandhi will not be tolerated”: Devendra Fadnavis condemns Hindutva activist Sambhaji Bhide, reminds protesting Congress of its comments on Savarkar

Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said that action will be taken against Sambhaji Bhide for controversial comments on MK Gandhi

Newslaundry compares Gandhi’s ‘experiments with celibacy’, where he slept naked with girls, to PM Modi’s marital status in a video targeting Prof Anand Ranganathan

Newslaundry compared MK Gandhi celibacy experiments and PM Modi's married life, a new low, to target Prof Anand Ranganathan

Troll account Team Saath, of whom TV actor Sushant is the ‘brand ambassador and mentor’, demands the arrest of Professor Ranganathan for quoting Gandhi

Team Saath, which often gangs up against Twitter handles that do not side with its ideology, demanded the arrest of the author and Professor Anand Ranganathan for quoting MK Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi in the USA talks about Gandhi vs Godse ideology as he chants ‘Jai Bhim’: Here is how he interpreted history all wrong

Rahul Gandhi claimed that India is in an ideological fight between Mahatma Gandhi (Congress) and Nathuram Godse (representing BJP and RSS' thoughts and ideology).

Congress leader, who had run away from police, calls PM Modi a ‘coward’, compares court verdict against Rahul Gandhi to MK Gandhi’s assassination

Srinivas BV while calling PM Modi coward forgot he ran away from Police during a protest in Delhi last year

MK Gandhi is not above criticism, questioning him shouldn’t be blasphemy

Criticising MK Gandhi's decisions does not make one a 'Godse bhakt', one can criticise Gandhi and not condone actions by Godse of murdering someone - that is what rationality is, something Indian 'liberals' refuse to see.

‘Congress leaders never went to Kaala Paani’: Historian Vikram Sampath speaks about Savarkar, Indian history, Hindutva and more on ‘The Ranveer Show’

Vikram Sampath made special mention of a petition wherein Veer Savarkar sought the freedom of every other political prisoner in Cellular Jail in exchange of his own continued incarceration.

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