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When these letters surfaced in 2014, Tushar Gandhi, the lineage of MK Gandhi had written a letter to the Media saying that the letter had been mistranslated
The left-wing propaganda industry has successfully converted the act of cow protection from a social issue into a religious one.
And this man has the gall to call RSS an anti-national. What do you think we should call you Mr Yadav?
The supreme sacrifice made by the votaries of undivided India should be gratefully remembered
The deification of Gandhi was driven by political goals.
Let his idea of self-emancipation and discipline guide our lives which are otherwise riddled with lack of conviction and purpose.
Dalai Lama's assertion might be innocent, but grievous nonetheless
When Rahul Gandhi today accuses of Modi government siding with the Capitalists, it appears as such a sham
The strain of the trial and the year spent in prison while it lasted wrecked Savarkar’s health and finished him as a force in India’s politics.
The hacks and compromised academicians would take recourse to five issues to revile the man
Sadhavi Khosla spread a blatant lie about Lekhi's father-in-law
It was only in 2001, that the uprising was commemorated with a statue in Colaba

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