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MK Gandhi

Rangeela Rasool, 295A, partition: History threatens to repeat as demands for a special law to punish ‘gustakh-e-rasool’ grows

Nupur Sharma, the former BJP spokesperson, has been caught in a dangerous storm after she made certain innocuous comments during a TimesNow debate

Rahul Gandhi refuses to accept Khadi mala offered to him by party members at Vadodara airport: Watch viral video

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Tuesday, stirred a controversy by refusing to accept a khadi mala offered to him by one of his party members at the Vadodara airport

UK PM Boris Johnson visits MK Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, spins Charkha, often cited as symbol of India’s freedom struggle from British Empire

At the Sabarmati Ashram, UK PM Boris Johnson tried his hands at spinning the Charkha, a symbol of the 1905 Swadeshi movement

Did you know: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had forgiven General Reginald Dyer, the perpetrator of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre

On 103rd anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, time to recall how MK Gandhi had forgiven General Dyer

Did you know: I&B Ministry under former PM Indira Gandhi had provided $10 million to make the film ‘Gandhi’

In 1982, NFDC of India, which was under the I&B Ministry, was one of the production companies that financed the film 'Gandhi'

Arrest of Kalicharan Maharaj for abusing “Mahatma” Gandhi: Why India needs to stop worshipping demi-Gods and evaluate history honestly

Kalicharan Maharaj, a seer who was a part of the Chhattisgarh Dharma Sansad has been arrested from Khajurao, Madhya Pradesh by the Chhattisgarh police

What MK Gandhi said while Moplah Muslims massacred thousands of Hindus in 1921: Support to Khilafat and asking Hindus to die without a fight

The Malabar massacre of 1921 was not the only time Moplah Muslims had unleashed genocide against Hindus. But Gandhi was either malicious or naive

When a statue of Mahatma Gandhi could not be installed in Lakshadweep due to unspoken ‘shariat culture’

The bust of MK Gandhi could not be offloaded at Lakshadweep as Muslims objected to the installation of any such statues.

How this New Yorker Article represents Deep-Rooted White Western Racism against ‘Brown Indians’

The New Yorker published an article by Bill McKibben, titled – Gandhi, History, and the Lessons of the Events at the Capitol.

Gandhi: An anathema to the ‘left-liberal’ establishment

Whether it is about the Quit India Movement of 1942 or about the New India of 2020, Mahatma Gandhi continues to be an anathema to the Left-Liberal establishment.

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