Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Monkeys attack

Supreme Court to deploy ‘monkey scarers’ at judges’ bungalows due to monkey menace in Delhi

Supreme Court invited tenders for deploying monkey scarers at bungalows of judges to tackle monkey menace in Delhi

#MonkeyVsDoge memefest takes Internet by storm after bunch of monkeys in Maharashtra kill dogs to avenge death of baby monkey

As of now, two monkeys involved in the killing of puppies were taken in custody by forest officials to be later released in the forest.

Maharashtra: Angry monkeys exact revenge by killing 250 dogs after a puppy kills a baby monkey

A troop of monkeys has been killing dogs in Beed after a pack of a few dogs killed one of the infant monkeys

Meerut: Troop of monkeys attack a lab technician and snatch blood samples from suspected COVID-19 patients

Monkeys snatch suspected COVID-19 samples in Meerut Medical college when lab technician was taking samples to LLRM lab

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