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moral police

Iran: Government announces fresh campaign reintroducing moral police to force women to wear hijab

There were claims that the moral police in Iran imposing hijab was disbanded, but the government denied it amidst the protests.

Assam: Islamist man kicks out computer science student from his store for wearing jeans and not burqa, calls her prostitute

Mobile accessories seller Nurul Amin kicked out a Muslim college student from his store in house for not wearing burqa in Biswanath, Assam

Anti-Hindu violence in Bengaluru: Auto driver assaults Hindu man for being with a Muslim woman, 25 booked

Another case of brutality against Hindus in Raibag Karnataka has come to light where a mob attacked a Hindu man for travelling with a Muslim woman in an auto.

Congress leader Kavitha Reddy and mob led by her attack Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde for ‘indecent behaviour’: Here are the details

Mob led by Congress party leader Kavitha Reddy attacked a budding Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde and her friends on Friday after accusing her of 'indecent behaviour'

ABVP accuses several media outlets of being party to ‘dirty tricks’ by ‘rattled commies’

The headlines of the reports regarding the posters failed to reflect ABVP's clarification on the matter.

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi makes sexist remarks, says Sangh women don’t wear shorts

Rahul Gandhi should stop embarrassing himself now.

Single women tenants in Gurugram society accused of being ‘crusaders of prostitution’

Residents take it upon themselves to ensure you remain sanskari and safe.

Three women, three incidents, one message – sexist attacks are not exclusive to any group

Females in India will be used as political and social tools till we do not remove our double face

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