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mukul sinha

Gujarat riots ‘cottage industry’: How the ‘activists’ and regime changers have built their career over corpses of Gujaratis

From Mukul Sinha to Teesta Setalvad to Harsh Mandar to Rana Ayyub and so many more, the ones who built their careers on the dead bodies of karsevaks who were burnt alive in Godhra

The Citizen glorifies Mukul Sinha in a profile of his wife Nirjhari Sinha, but forgets to mention his role in spreading misinformation about Godhra...

'Scientist' turned 'activist' Mukul Sinha was at the forefront of spreading misinformation regarding the Godhra carnage that has now been propagated widely as facts despite evidence showing otherwise.

For 5 months after the carnage, no one talked about any ‘accident’ at Godhra, read how Mukul Sinha and others then spread the lie

20 years back, on this day, a mob of Islamists burnt alive 59 karsevaks returning from Ayodhya in a train in Godhra.

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