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Gujarat riots ‘cottage industry’: How the ‘activists’ and regime changers have built their career over corpses of Gujaratis

From Mukul Sinha to Teesta Setalvad to Harsh Mandar to Rana Ayyub and so many more, the ones who built their careers on the dead bodies of karsevaks who were burnt alive in Godhra

It has been over twenty years since the Sabarmati Express train was set on fire by a rioting Muslim mob at Godhra triggering riots across Gujarat. The ones burnt alive were karsevaks returning from Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya. Hindus had been having faith in the judiciary that at some point the ruling will be in the favour of Ram Lalla and they wanted to be prepared for the time comes when Bhavya Ram Mandir can be constructed.

When the Muslim mob set the train on fire on 27 February 2002 at little before 8 AM, 59 karsevaks were burnt alive. A few hours later, when the burnt compartments were detached and the train was finally moving again towards its destination, another Muslim mob had come to set the train on fire again. Except, this time, they were thankfully not successful. Hours later, as news spread, violence broke out in the state.

In the post-Godhra carnage riots, hundreds lost their lives. The Indian Army was called in and law and order situation, which was getting out of hand, was controlled. Violence has no place in civil society and citizens must have faith in judiciary that the law will take its course. The riots that broke out in Gujarat in reaction to burning alive of Hindus by Muslim mob were unfortunate. People of Gujarat, Indians, died. They were both, Hindus and Muslims.

However, the unfortunate death of Indians has been milked by ‘activists’ and propagandists in and outside India for over two decades now. It is almost as if the corpses of Indians were a cottage industry for them to mint money, earn fame and act as agents of regime changers who see India as a market with huge potential to have their own puppets in government.

Scientist turned lawyer-activist-turned politician Mukul Sinha and his wife built their entire political career and nexus on Gujarat riots. Sinha was instrumental in planting the ‘accidental fire’ in train theory and various other conspiracies eventually debunked by a committee in investigation. He and his network went to great lengths to shield the Muslim mob that set the train on fire and to blame the Hindus for their own death.

Sinha’s son, Pratik Sinha, now runs an Islamist propaganda website ‘Alt News’ with one Mohammed Zubair, who recently dog whistled against BJP’s Nupur Sharma and painted a target on her head alleging blasphemy. Islamists have been baying for her blood since. The fire that was lit by the father is now being taken forward by the son who regularly gets validation from international media for ‘being fearless’ when all they do is cry fear in Modi’s India.

And while we’re talking about charlatans, how can Teesta Setalvad be far behind. Setalvad built her entire career on the Gujarat riots. No, really. She has been accused of embezzling money collected in name of riot victims. She has also been accused of tutoring people for testimonies so as to implicate the then Modi government in state.

She had allegedly collected funds for the 2002 riot victims and instead used it for personal luxury and expenses. The allegations had come to light after one of the residents of the Gulbarg Housing Society filed a complaint against her alleging that she had embezzled funds collected for the 2002 riot victims through her NGOs Sabrang Trust and Citizens for Justice and Peace.

On her tutoring victims, the Supreme Court categorically said, “the antecedents of Ms Teesta Setalvad need to be reckoned and also because she has been vindictively persecuting this for her ulterior design by exploiting the emotions and sentiments of the appellant – Zakia Ahsan Jafri, the real victim of the circumstances.”

In multiple instances, she tried her best to take the case off track using fake testimonies and tutoring the eyewitnesses. She even sent two letters to the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights at the United Nations (OHCHR) about the case. The Court had called it ‘misadventure’ and took an undertaking that she would not repeat it. She not only raised questions over the SIT but also questioned the integrity of the honourable courts of the country by sending notes to the OHCHR.

In its judgment, the Court noted that Setalvad was in a position to influence Zakia. The Court noted, “It is submitted that Ms Teesta Setalvad, for reasons best known to her and out of vengeance, was interested in continuing with her tirade and persecution on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations in the complaint in the name of the quest for justice with real purpose to keep the pot boiling and sensationalise and politicise the crime.”

Like her, other ‘activists’ like Harsh Mandar and many more established their careers on 2002 riots. He quit his active civil services and became full time activist, visiting relief camps. You see, every aspiring ‘activist’ knew that hating Modi and painting him a villain has huge potential. He continued his ‘activism’ and in 2020 Delhi riots, was found inciting mob violence. Mandar has close ties with George Soros.

Speaking to a gathering in Delhi, the foreign-funded activist was seen inciting mob, calling them to descend on streets to decide for themselves based on the show of the strength. Mander claimed that time has now come for people to hit the streets as both Supreme Court and parliament have failed them. Needless to say the 2020 riots also had their roots in 2002 riots, which had their roots in 1992 Babri demolition. It was not about ‘citizenship’, but about avenging the Babri demolition.

One more propagandist Sinha has mentored and trained well has been financial fraud accused Washington Post columnist Rana Ayyub. She wrote an entire ‘book’ based on so-called sting operations of those who claimed to have been privy to more tails about the law and order situation on those few fateful days. The hatchet job has been hailed as a brilliant piece in ‘investigative journalism’ by the international cabal and the Indian ‘liberal’ lobby, but Supreme Court had trashed it as not having any substance and rightly so.

It was such a bad piece that even her own Editors at Tehelka, which was built on nothing but low level sting operations which defy journalism ethics, found Rana Ayyub’s work sub-par. Ayyub, however, claimed victimhood there also and claimed how Modi didn’t want it published. Except, it was Congress-led UPA government in Centre back then. Shoma Chaudhury, who was Managing Editor of Tehelka at the time Rana worked on the sting, said that Rana was made aware of loopholes in his ‘exposé’ and asserted it was not due to any political pressure as even after that, they had published anti-Modi articles.

Rana continues to milk the 2002 riots for her own personal agenda and an audience for that sort of fearmongering because they want to believe the worst case scenario she paints.

There are so many more, ‘activists’, ‘journalists’ and even media houses that thrive only and only on hating Modi with 2002 riots as the trigger point. Recently, Congress tried to revive their own political relevance by giving validation to the propaganda documentary of the BBC based on 2002 riots. When the usual suspects realised the BBC propaganda video would not hold water, they invoked Adani and ‘crony capitalism’.

And when the regime changers saw this was not going the way they wanted, George Soros himself decided to take matters in his own hands, which again, was endorsed by Congress. It is like they no longer want to even pretend they have India’s best interests in their hearts. For them, defeating Modi is more important than India’s interests.

These people have built their empires on the dead bodies of Indians.

And they have no regret.

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