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Mulayam Singh Yadav

‘I was forced to resign by Mulayam govt because I imposed POTA case on Mukhtar Ansari, my life got ruined’: Former DSP Shailendra Singh

Sailendra Singh kept fighting against the establishment to prove his innocence until the BJP government led by Yogi Adityanath came to power in the state and filed an application in the court to withdraw cases against him.

Mulayam Singh Yadav-led UP government’s decision to stop Hindu worship in Vyas Tehkhana at Gyanvapi illegal – Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court deemed then-CM Mulayam Singh Yadav's order to stop Hindu worship at disputed site of Gyanvapi illegal.

‘Police looted jewellery; punished us for chanting Jai Shri Ram’: Families of victims of Sandpur massacre during Janmabhoomi movement recount the horror

The villagers of Basti's Sandpur were gunned down by the then-SP administration during the Ram Janmbhoomi campaign in Ayodhya

Ram Mandir: Read the story of the Sandpur village where Mulayam Singh Yadav’s police fired at all and tortured villagers for sheltering Karsevaks

On 22nd October 1990, on the information of the presence of karsevaks, the local Dubaulia police station team raided the Sandpur village. In this raid, the police had also opened fire.

Sanjay Raut now credits Mulayam Singh Yadav for Ram Mandir, says Ram Janmabhoomi movement escalated because of firing on Kar Sevaks on his order

Sanjay Raut justified the killing of Kar Sevaks on the orders of Mulayam Singh Yadav by saying that it gave a big boost to the Ram Mandir movement

Statue of Mulayam Singh Yadav eating dates will be installed at Ayodhya’s Dhannipur Mosque, will be cleansed using water from Dargahs: Rashtriya Hindu Dal

Varanasi's Rashtriya Hindu Dal has announced that they will install a statue of Mulayam Singh Yadav in the mosque which will be constructed in Dhannipur, Ayodhya

Sacrifice of Satyavan Singh: Police, on orders of Mulayam Singh Govt, encircled his village and opened fire after villagers extended help to Karsevaks

Satyaprakash Singh considers Mulayam Singh Yadav guilty of the firing in his village and of the people killed in it.

‘Mulayam Singh Yadav did this for Muslim votes, Congress remained mere spectators’: Eyewitness to 1990 massacre of Karsevaks in Ayodhya recalls the horror

Om Bharati, an eyewitness to the 1990 firing incident on Karsevaks in Ayodhya by the then Mulayam Singh Yadav government, sheltered 125 Karsevaks including Kothari brothers on the fateful day

‘They brought a helicopter to target and kill unarmed devotees in Ayodhya’: Families of karsevaks claim involvement of late MP Munnan Khan in the...

Locals, including the family members of martyr karsevaks say that Balrampur's former MP Munnan Khan was activey involved in targeting and killing the devotees.

Karsevak Mahavir Agrawal was shot twice in chest, was alive when tossed into a vehicle full of corpses: His widow raised their two sons...

Mahavir Prasad Agrawal's wife had to search fanatically for her missing husband on that fateful day. She finally found his body in a police vehicle full of corpses of karsevaks.

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