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Muslim Brotherhood

Hamas supporting co-workers, promotion of Muslim Brotherhood agenda and more: Former Al Jazeera journalist exposes the propaganda of the Qatari State-owned channel

“When you work for their news channel, they need you to promote their Muslim Brotherhood agendas, and if you’re not there ideologically, they’ll make sure to buy you off," Adnan Al-Ameri remarked.

France: Interior Minister Gerald Daramanin says footballer Karim Benzema has links with banned Islamist group ‘Muslim Brotherhood’

Daramanin went on to say that Karim Benzema has made the" extremely selective choice" to use the same discourse as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rahul Gandhi compares RSS with Muslim Brotherhood yet again. Here is how he is wrong

Rahul Gandhi claimed in London, "RSS is a secret society. It's built along the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Indian fugitive Zakir Naik met Muslim Brotherhood hate preacher Omar Abdul Kafi before reaching the FIFA venue in Qatar: Watch

Reports emerged that radical preacher Zakir Naik had met Egypt-based Islamist organisation Muslim Brotherhood's hate preacher Omar Abdul Kafi

Inside Qatar’s ‘holy’ world of waging global Jihad and state-sponsored terrorism: A detailed report

Qatar flirts with terrorists on a daily basis. Its relationship with terrorist groups is out in open. The FATF grey list holder, however, gathered the courage to sermon India on the rights of religious minorities in the recent Nupur Sharma controversy.

Turkey-based organisation that hailed Talibani terrorists and Palestinian jihadists behind Twitter storm over anti-India remarks on Prophet Muhammad

The IOSPI was the first one to tweet that later went on to become a Twitter storm over remarks on Prophet Muhammad

Anti-India campaign on Twitter promoted by journalists, media houses and influencers linked to Muslim Brotherhood, says report by DisinfoLab

News articles were published promoting anti-India hashtag by several media houses connected to Muslim Brotherhood, says DisinfoLab

Saudi Arabia sacks 100 Islamic clerics for not condemning Islamic terror organisation ‘Muslim Brotherhood’

Saudi Arabia has sacked nearly 100 Islamic imams and preachers for failing to condemn activities of 'Muslim Brotherhood'.

Facebook Oversight Board, which controls content, has a Muslim Brotherhood figure: Details

A member of the Facebook Oversight Board is a Muslim Brotherhood figure, a terrorist outfit banned in multiple countries.

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