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Muslim Population

Newslaundry misinterprets Economic Advisory Council data on Muslim population growth, falsely claims that a different method was used for Hindus

Economic Advisory Council data on population growth used same method for Hindus and Muslims, but Newslaundry wrongly claims that different methods were used

Bangladeshi infiltrators altering the demography of Bihar’s border districts, Hindus turning into minorities: report

Dominance of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators in the Seemanchal region in Bihar has compelled the local Hindus to migrate to other areas

Badruddin Ajmal advises Hindus to marry early and produce many children like Muslims to increase population, BJP MLA gives a befitting reply

Badruddin Ajmal said, "Get your girls married at an age of 18 or 20. Then you see how many kids are born at your home."

Viral video: AIMIM leader seen asking Muslims to have more children, saying ‘that is how we grab power’

"Unless we have more children how will we grab power? How will Owaisi sahib become Prime Minister? How will Shaukat saab become Chief Minister", the AIMIM leader was seen telling

Sudden increase in Muslim migrant population, hundreds of madarsas, mosques popped up in last 2 years: Demographic shift haunting Uttarakhand

Apart from the border areas of Uttarakhand, several areas of Uttar Pradesh, especially those close to Nepal border, have reportedly seen a sudden surge in migrant Muslim population, evident in sudden increase in the number of madarsas and mosques in the areas.

Hinduism will be finished in another century, columnist Abhijit Iyer Mitra predicts. Read why he thinks so

Abhijit draws from history to show parallels between what is happening in modern post-independence India and what happened to the religions of pre-Christian Europe and pre-Islamic Iran and Egypt, which are relegated to museums now.

Wrong charts, cherry-picked data: The Hindu tries to claim Muslim population growth is same as Hindus using false analysis

The Hindu used one unit for 1% fertility rate in Hindus and 2% in Muslims to wrongly claim that population growth in both communities is same

Muslim population explosion in Assam: Increase of voters in 40 minority-dominated constituencies in 10 years ranges from 30% to 55%

An analysis of voter numbers in 40 Muslim dominated constituencies in Assam shows high growth of voters in those constituencies in last 10 years

The Muslim community needs to work on population control, educate women: What Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said

HImanta Biswa Sarma urged the Muslim community to adopt 'decent family planning policy' to deal with poverty and other social problems

The social hierarchy of Muslim society: Is the caste system a problem unique to Hindus?

Often ignored by the media, there is wide scale discrimination present in Muslim society between two factions- Ashraf and Ajlaf.

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