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Myanmar Army

Myanmar Army plane carrying 14 crashes at Mizoram’s Lengpui airport; 6 injured

A Myanmar Army plane with 14 people on board crash landed at the Lengpui airport in Mizoram on Tuesday morning.

151 Myanmar soldiers cross international border, surrender before Assam Rifles in Mizoram

The soldiers fled with their arms from Paletwa town in the Chin State of Myanmar after their camps were overrun by the armed resistance group known as the People's Defense Force (PDF).

Myanmar arrests and deports more than 40,000 Chinese nationals associated with unlawful online scam groups

The Chinese nationals were taken into custody and then deported from the northern Shan state of Myanmar over the course of three months, from early September to mid-December.

‘Welcome to Chinland’: Armed Myanmar rebel groups install board of New Republic after capturing border towns near Indian border

The Ethnic rebel groups have captured border towns near Mizoram and reportedly installed a board stating, “Welcome to Chinland”.

Is India about to face a refugee crisis? Junta soldiers and displaced people seek shelter as Myanmar faces civil war between military and ethnic...

President Myint Swe has warned Myanmar would "split into various parts" if the government "did not effectively manage the incidents happening in the border region".

Myanmar’s military junta confirms deadly airstrike on a village, junta says some killed were ‘anti-coup fighters’ but some ‘could be’ civilians

Myanmar's military junta has confirmed a deadly air strike on a village in the country's centre in the Sagaing region, reported malaymail. 

Myanmar: Bullet fired from the ground pierces through fuselage of an aircraft at 3500 feet and injures a passenger

A bullet fired from ground hit an ATR 72 of Myanmar National Airlines mid-air and injured a passenger inside the plane

Rohingyas hold a rally in Bangladesh for ‘justice’, issue 7 demands, including the return to Myanmar: Read details

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims refugees held rallies in various parts of Bangladesh to demand repatriation back to their home state of Rakhine in western Myanmar.

Myanmar military carrying out operation against anti-India terrorists inside their territory: Reports

According to reports, terrorist outfits like the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Kangla Yawol Kanna Lup have made camps inside Myanmar.

Myanmar court jails US journalist for 11 years for breaching immigration laws and encouraging dissent against military

Fenster’s trial took place behind closed doors, inside Insein prison, where he and many of those detained are imprisoned.

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