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Natwar Singh

Did you know: The Congress party and an ex-foreign minister were involved in the Iraqi oil scam, even when not in power

The Volcker Committee report cited Kunwar Natwar Singh, former External Affairs Minister, and the Congress Party as "non-contractual beneficiaries" of Iraqi oil sales under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme scam in 2001.

‘China and Pakistan close allies since Nehru era’: Veteran Congress leader Natwar Singh schools Rahul Gandhi

Natwar Singh refuted Rahul Gandhi's claim that China and Pakistan became close during Narendra Modi govt

Madhavrao Scindia would have been Prime Minister if he had lived: Senior Congress leader Natwar Singh reacts to Scindia’s resignation

Scindia's had been sidelined in Madhya Pradesh with Kamal Nath's elevation to the CM post after the assembly elections.

Glad that India was partitioned. Muslim league would not have allowed Congress government function: Congress leader Natwar Singh

The former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh said that according to him Gandhiji cosseted Jinnah on the persuasion of India's last Governor-General C Rajagopalachari

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