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Navbharat Times

Navbharat Times journalist claims UPI and Digital payments not working anywhere in Gujarat except Ahmedabad, found to be false

Navbharat Times journalist Mithilesh Dhar Dubey makes false claim that UPI and digital payments do not work in Gujarat

Navbharat Times questions if Mohammad Shami was dropped from WC squad due to his religion, not because he concedes 9.54 RPO in T20Is

Anyone who understands cricket knows that Shami doesn't fit into the T20 side, he bleeds too many runs, as his career economy rate of nearly 10 RPO suggests.

‘Hinduist’ and Navbharat Times: How a Google translate algorithm is inventing a new word that can aid Hinduphobia

It was alleged that Navbharat Times invented the word 'Hinduist' that closely resembles words such as 'Islamist' and 'Jihadist'.

Fact-Check: As claimed by Navbharat Times journalist, was Railway serving food marked for 20th January on 19th?

A journalist with Navbharat Times, Damodar Vyas tweeted to Tajinder Bagga wondering how the Railway Ministry was serving food marked for 20th January on 19th January itself

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