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Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at Ayodhya today spoke about the ghastly stampede of 1954 where a 1000 devotees lost their lives.
How did the power trajectories of India and China turn out to be so different? There are three reasons: Congress, Congress and Congress.
Why else would they think history and heritage are being undermined if the memory of PMs other than Nehru get the place they deserve?
India is now certainly 'waking to life & freedom' and as the great Swami Vivekananda said, shall not sleep until the goal is achieved.
Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee died in the state of Jammu and Kashmir while agitating against Article 370
The liberals want to create two different castes among languages and the agenda is clear
Sham Sharma calls out The Quint's hollow claims and asserts that the PM, in fact, stated nothing incorrect
'This ordinary citizen of India considers you the least likely candidate for the top job'
Rahul Gandhi will be even weaker Prime Minister than Manmohan Singh. India, especially Hindus, can not afford this tragedy.
Congress has accused Modi government of attempting to destroy Nehru's legacy.
Modi and BJP will have to balance statistics and mahaul in the coming days
BJP that claims to be a party following the ideology of Hindutva, needs to correct this historic exclusions in our history syllabus
It appears as thought the mouthpiece of the Congress party is muzzling the democratic voice of people

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