Wednesday, September 22, 2021



Nepal Supreme Court orders President to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as Prime Minister

Deuba, within 30 days of his appointment, will have to win the vote of confidence as per Article 76 (4) of Nepal’s constitution.

China unhappy with Nepal after Nepalese media reveals details of Sinopharm vaccine procurement deal violating non-disclosure agreement

China accuses Nepal of violating non disclosure agreement for Sinopharm vaccine purchase as details of the deal were published in media

China wants Nepal to buy vaccines with ‘secret’ conditions after Nepal had to look for other sellers as India decided to stop export

China announced that it would provide 1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine under "grant assistance" to Nepal

China slowly engulfing parts of Bhutan, wants strategic advantage against India: Report

China has constructed new roads, a small hydropower station, two Communist Party administrative centers, a communications base, a disaster relief warehouse in the Lhuntse district of Northern Bhutan, as per a Foreign Policy report.

Days after losing trust vote, KP Oli re-appointed as Prime Minister of Nepal: Here is what happened

In a dramatic turn of events in Nepal, KP Sharma Oli was reappointed as PM just days after he was forced to step down

Herman Knippenberg – The Dutch diplomat who sent the ‘Serpent’ Charles Sobhraj behind bars

Herman Knippenberg was a Dutch diplomate in Thailand who had gathered vital information about Charles Sobhraj in Bangkok

China to set up a line of separation on Mount Everest after several mountaineers test positive on the Nepalese side. Details

Such a 'line of separation' will be laid by guides, who scale the Mount Everest alongside the rope fixing teams.

Turkish govt-owned news portal publishes misleading photograph with Indian Covid stats

Photograph of Nepalese cremation ground passed as India's while publishing Covid-19 stats by Turkish News outlet TRT World

Al-Qaeda linked Turkish group IHH expands network in Nepal: From building Islamic centres to funding Jihadi orgs functioning along Indian border

In the near future, Al-Qaeda linked IHH intends to expand into the Sunsari region, an area close to the India-Nepal border.

Subramanian Swamy shares fake data about petrol prices and RTs abusive tweet about ‘Bhakts’ as Union Budget is praised over all

Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday shared information on Twitter what could only be described as a 'WhatsApp forward'.

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