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Land Jihad in Nepal: Muslims forcibly perform Namaz on government land and start constructing a wall, mob attacks Hindus and police for stopping the construction

The violence started after Hindus and staff of a school objected to Muslims starting construction of a wall on land belonging to the school, which was being used for namaj

On Monday (10th June), communal tensions broke out between two communities in Janakpur in Nepal over the Muslim community’s conspiracy to illegally occupy government land. Even in the presence of Police personnel, the Muslim side resorted to stone pelting, causing inquiries to several people on the Hindu side. The injured also included school-going children. 

Additionally, the construction of a Yoga Camp has been stopped because of the pressure of the Muslim community. In the wake of communal tensions, additional forces have been deployed in the area. Speaking with OpIndia, members of the Hindu organisations described it as land jihad and accused the left parties of supporting the Muslim side.

Had asked for a little space to perform Namaz

According to information received by OpIndia, there is a government school in Shivpur. There is plenty of land around the building, which belongs to the school itself. About 16 years ago, some people from the Muslim community started performing Namaz on this land. At that time, there was hardly any Muslim population in this area. Only 2-4 families used to live in this area. Initially, they chose the school building for worship.

Around 10 years ago, a dispute broke out between the Hindu and Muslim sides over certain matters within the school compound. Consequently, the practice of offering Namaz inside the school ceased for a period. At the same time, the Muslim population in Janakpur grew continuously. Following the resolution of the decade-old dispute, the Muslim community resumed praying on the vacant land adjacent to the school, rather than inside the school building.

The number of Namazis continued to increase. Now, in the Shivpur area of Janakpur, approximately 70 to 80 houses are of Muslims. They have also constructed their mosque. Despite this, the Muslim community has not stopped praying on the government land which belongs to the school. For several years now, Muslims have started calling this government space their place of worship.

(The property is registered under school’s name)

Muslims illegally continue to perform Namaz despite a High Court order

In 2013, people from the Muslim community approached the Janakpur High Court claiming the school property as theirs. During the hearing, the High Court rejected the claim of the Muslim side on the land. The judge declared that the land belonged to the government and imposed a ban on any kind of private construction there.

OpIndia has a copy of the High Court’s order. Despite the land being declared government property, the Muslim side did not stop offering Namaz there. Mohammad Qaysh and Ibrahim Raine continued to lead the entire congregation of Namazis. During months like Ramzan, the crowd would become so large that it started to disrupt children’s studies.

Attacked whoever was in their way

Meanwhile, on Monday (10th June 2024), Muslims in large numbers gathered at the vacant space near the school. It is reported that around 70 to 80 people were present in the crowd, including children, elderly, youth, and women. Local residents mentioned that for the past 2-3 days, bricks, cement, etc., were being quietly unloaded from tractors and trolleys, and labourers were being called to construct walls on the government land.

Upon witnessing the construction of a wall by the Muslim community on the school’s property, the teachers, students, and nearby villagers staged a protest, deeming it an illegal construction. As soon as information about the matter reached them, two police officers also arrived at the scene. As a result of this intervention, the Muslim side became upset and attacked the villagers and students who had gathered near the school.

(School’s plea to halt construction by the Muslim side deeming it illegal construction)

During the attack, they used lathi-dandas (sticks). Apart from attacking the Hindus, they also pelted stones at the Police. More than half a dozen people were injured in this attack. Some minor students studying inside the school are also said to be among the injured. As soon as information about the incident was received, additional police force reached the spot. It is alleged that the police did not take any action against the Muslims who were pelting stones and instead continued to negotiate with them.

(Muslims accused of illegally constructing a wall on government land)

Administration temporarily halts construction of a yoga camp on the private property of a Hindu

The injured Hindus have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. So far, no stone-pelter or attacker has been arrested. OpIndia spoke to some officials of the Hindu Samrat Sena regarding this matter. On the condition of anonymity, they revealed that the people from the Muslim community have the support of the Leftist Party (Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist).

He stated that when the Muslim side was asked to halt the construction work on government property, they objected to the establishment of a yoga camp being built at a distance from the school. Dr. Pramod Yadav has been constructing this yoga camp on his private property. Pramod had provided all the necessary documents to prove ownership of the land. Despite this, the administration has temporarily halted the construction of his yoga camp.

The officials of the Hindu Samrat Sena have issued a warning that if the construction of the Yoga camp is not allowed to resume, they will protest. Currently, the administration has asked for the documents of the yoga camp. The small wall erected by the Muslim community on the school’s land is still intact. Hindu organisations have demanded its immediate demolition, labeling it illegal.

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