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Nepal: Hindu organisations say infiltrators hatched a conspiracy to grab land of an ancient temple, first built a slum and set it on fire, now demanding permanent houses

It is alleged that illegal Rohingya, Bangladeshi, and Muslim immigrants from India have been trying to grab the land of this ancient temple for a long time

A case of land jihad has come to light from Nepal’s Mahottari district. Several Hindu organisations have stated that Rohingya, Bangladeshi, and illegal Muslim immigrants from other countries have hatched a conspiracy to grab the land of an ancient temple. Notably, the land belongs to the ancient temple of Laxminarayan Math, which locals refer to as Mathihani Math. This temple is said to be the largest monastery in Nepal and is hundreds of years old.

It is alleged that illegal Rohingya, Bangladeshi, and Muslim immigrants from India have been trying to grab the land of this ancient temple for a long time. For this, they hatched a conspiracy and initially established a temporary slum on the temple land and later set it on fire. After the mysterious fire incident, they started building permanent structures here. Subsequently, several Islamic organisations both in Nepal and abroad started donating money to construct these permanent structures. However, after several Hindu organisations registered strong protests, the Nepali administration prohibited any kind of construction on this land. 

OpIndia spoke to Rajesh Yadav, President of the Hindu Samrat Sena Nepal, regarding this matter. Yadav stated that Mathihani Math is the main center of faith for Hindus not only in Mahottari but also in the entire border districts of Nepal and India. This temple complex spans thousands of square meters and houses a Gurukul where hundreds of students from around the world receive education in Sanskrit and the Sanatan way of life. It is believed that the first Gurukul in Nepal was established within this monastery. Additionally, there is a Gaushala on the premises. Every year, millions of Hindus participate in the parikrama (circumambulation) and festivities held here.

Rajesh informed OpIndia that around 20% of the population in the Mathihani Municipality of Mahottari is Muslim. This population has been increasing gradually due to the influx of Rohingyas, and Muslims from Bangladesh and India. About 2 years ago, temporary structures were erected by Muslim infiltrators on the vacant land of the temple. Initially, a few Muslim families started living here by setting up tents, and within just 2 years, around 80 Muslim families had settled in this area. There are 7-8 Hindu families living in this Muslim ghetto. However, local Hindu organisations consider this as a shield to disguise the conspiracy hatched by infiltrators.

(Names of Muslim ‘victims’ whose houses were burnt in the fire incident)

After some time, these illegal immigrants replaced tents with makeshift huts and declared the same place as their settlement. They started activities like scrap work, which later extended to setting up vegetable and fruit shops. About a year ago, the temple administration issued notices to these illegal immigrants to vacate the land but it did not affect them. It is alleged that some political parties have also provided protection to these infiltrators. Additionally, incidents like theft and robbery have also increased in this area.

Speaking with OpIndia, Rajesh Yadav further stated that in April 2024, a suspicious fire broke out in the slum area. All 80 huts were engulfed in flames, reducing to ashes. There were no casualties reported. It was reported that the fire, which started in the house of a Muslim family boiling an egg, quickly spread across the entire settlement. However, various Hindu organisations, including the Hindu Samrat Sena, say that the incident was a conspiracy. Following the incident, all Muslims started saying in unison that their identification documents and government papers were burnt in the fire. 

It is alleged that this is a conspiracy to prove Rohingya, Bangladeshi, and other Muslim infiltrators as Nepali citizens. Soon after the incident, Muslim organizations from Nepal and other countries began rallying behind this settlement. On social media, the Muslim settlers were portrayed as helpless and vulnerable, and appeals were issued to help them. The first demand for this aid was to provide permanent homes for over 80 families. Some Nepali parties initiated efforts to convey this demand to the government, with leftist parties taking a lead role.

We were told that within a few days, crores of rupees were also collected. Crowds started gathering for donations on the temple land as well. Clothes, rations, and other essentials were the main items in this donation. Many Muslim groups in Nepal started organizing rallies from village to village. In this rally, the banner demanding permanent homes for all Muslims affected by the fire on the temple land was at the forefront. Upon seeing the signs of permanent construction, the temple management issued appeals to the Nepali administration to save their land. However, their appeal had no effect on the Nepali administration.

Finally, Hindu organisations intervened in this matter. Since May 2024, several groups, including the Hindu Samrat Sena, launched grassroots campaigns against this encroachment in villages and cities. People were also alerted about the possible conspiracy on social media. The Nepali government and local administration were also warned through memorandums that if the temple land was encroached upon, there would be protests. Seeing the increasing tension on both sides, the administration became vigilant.

It is said that in the first week of May, the Nepali administration initiated an investigation into this dispute. Until the investigation report is released, all types of construction, temporary or permanent, have been halted. Police patrols on the temple land have been increased. Despite administrative strictness, the Muslim side is not willing to vacate the land of the monastery. Still, some individuals from the Muslim community are clandestinely carrying out temporary constructions on that land. The Muslim community is being led by Kaleem Ansari who is the President of Ward Number 6 of Mathihani Municipality. 

The list of those affected by the fire includes 7-8 houses of Hindus as well. Rajesh Yadav told OpIndia that this handful of Hindu families are themselves being victimised by the Muslims. Additionally, they are willing to cooperate with the Nepali administration in every way.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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