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New york times

NYT blames Ram Mandir, Hindus after Islamists go on a rampage over the demolition of a madrasa and mosque built on encroached lands in...

The New York Times recently published a prejudiced report shielding Islamists and blaming Hindus for Haldwani violence.

NYT issues ‘half-hearted’ clarification 5 days after IDF debunked Hamas’s lies blaming Israel for Gaza hospital attack, says relied heavily on Hamas claims

Interestingly, in the 'clarification' that came 5 days after the news was already debunked as a false claim, New York Times admitted that they relied heavily on Hamas claims on the Gaza hospital explosion

The New York Times attacks Akshardham Mahamandir in US over unverified accusations of ‘caste discrimination’, ignores the fact that artisans were offered green cards...

The New York TImes wrote the propaganda piece, just two days after the grand Akshardham Mahamandir was made open to the public on Wednesday (18th October).

“He has maintained high journalistic standards”: NYT defends rehiring Hitler-praising and pro-Hamas ‘journalist’ from Gaza for Israel-Hamas war

NYT defended rehiring Hijjy saying that he is known for maintaining ‘high-standards of journalism’ and has delivered 'impartial' work for them.

The New York Times publishes a report calling Hamas ‘terrorists’, changes to ‘gunmen’ after some time

The New York Times used Hamas terrorists in the subtitle of a report, but soon after it was relaced with Hamas Gunmen

‘No permit needed for Azaan on Jummah and Ramzan in New York City’: NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Meanwhile, New York City Police Commissioner Edward Caban described the move to allow Azaan calls without permission as part of the NYPD's community engagement and ongoing crime-fighting initiatives.

Indian leftist propaganda outlet, NewsClick, is financed by Chinese Communist Party supporter, reveals NYT investigation

The New York Times pointed out that Singham has been successful in disseminating Chinese government talking points under the pretext of 'progressive advocacy' in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and the United States.

Did NYT just admit that its long-held ideals of liberal democracy have failed? When NYT fails to preach to India, they preach about how...

Titled "The India Quandary", the evangelical NYT's op-ed on Thursday was uncommonly politically correct. Of course, the article didn't fall short of its traditional anti-Modi, anti-India, anti-Hindu bigotry.

New York Times, ABC network falsely claim that PM Modi’s press conference at the White House was his ‘first’ ever in 9 years. Here...

Besides joint press conference with Barack Obama, PM Modi has given one-on-one interviews to several news channels during the last 9 years.

NYT quotes ‘experts’ to claim Modi govt not doing enough for rail safety, despite admitting that safety has improved: Here are facts they missed

New York Times admited railways safety has improved under Modi govt, then went on to claim not enough is being spent on safety

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