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In an article for the 'failing' New York Times (as POTUS Trump calls it), Romila Thapar, academia and approved fake news peddler, spreads rather dubious canards about Hindu Nationalism and Hindu history
Recently, he had stated that India is yet to realise the potential of mobile phones and Indians with mobile phones are no more than monkeys with new toys.
Pulwama terror attack was reduced to an 'explosion' by NYTimes, rephrases it to 'bombing' after facing backlash on social media
In an article titled, "After India Loses Dogfight to Pakistan, Questions Arise About Its ‘Vintage’ Military", the writer Maria Abi-Habib has carefully omitted some facts and indulged in pushing a false narrative that projects Indian Armed Forces in a poor light.
IndiaSpend's is best known to have a faulty, flawed and biased database which is often used to peddle agenda and fake narrative, especially, on cow protection in India
The commentator, through the article in The New York Times, tries to make personal jibes at the Indian Prime Minister Modi without offering any data to substantiate the tall claims that are being made.
Pichai has written that Google has fired 48 people in two years on sexual harassment allegations.
We had even tweeted to The New York Times to clarify if the Indian Express has editorial freedom to decide the headline
This is not the first time that NYT has been caught spreading fake news
He also criticized 'Indian thought leaders' who create a false image about India in the West.
BBC lies about Sikh cop receiving death threats, yet to apologise or retract their fake news article despite their lie being called out
The biased op-ed by Nicholas Kristof has completely ignored the facts and ground reports on the Kathua case
Terribly researched sweeping generalisations used for a biased op-ed
Their prejudice and hate is quite evident
This is not the first time NYTimes has displayed blatant dislike for India.
NYT, which has never let prejudice come in the way of objectivity when it comes to India, has done it again.
An article by Aatish Taseer in NYT has elements that should earn him a label of troll by Barkha Dutt. Will she do that?
NYT and FT betrayed their bias and ignorance while trying to run down the news of ISRO launching 104 satellites.
NYT plays with facts to paint a biased picture of the Gujarat Riots

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