Thursday, August 5, 2021


New york times

Kangana Ranaut slams Priyanka Chopra for allegedly changing political stance, calls her ‘Secular Puppy’

Kangana Ranaut said on Instagram that Priyanka Chopra has gone from being a nationalist to secular puppy

Here are 14 articles published by the New York Times from the last 10 years that reaffirm its anti-Modi and anti-Hindu bias

Here are 14 instances from the last decade when New York Times had allowed its platform to peddle anti-Hindu and anti-Modi propaganda

New York Times looks for anti-Hindu, anti-Modi candidates to spread propaganda: Dissecting the dangerous job opening

The New York Times posted an entry-level job requirement on their website and on LinkedIn for anti-Hindu, anti-Modi writers

Wokeness is not a social revolution, it is a religion imposed by the ruling class

This is what makes woke culture different from the social movements of the past. It comes from above and not below. It does not challenge power, rather it is an instrument of power.

Abusive troll Kunal Kamra becomes ‘columnist’ for NYT, the perks that come when you toe Congress-left ecosystem agenda

Unknown idiots are propped up on international platforms and made famous as a reward for toeing Congress line.

Reddit, Guardian, NYTimes, Amazon and half the Internet websites went down in major outage

Many international media websites were down for about half an hour due in a major outage.

New book details how the New York Times peddled Nazi propaganda in 1939 and relied on Nazi publications as main sources in its reports

The book elaborates the manner in which the New York Times almost served as the propaganda wing of the Nazi Regime in Germany.

Fake fundraisers & funeral pyres : How do India’s Covid vultures sleep at night?

During the second wave, did these columnists charge a “surge fee” to foreign newspapers? Or was it that so many people offered to write columns that their wages got depressed?

New York Times ‘COVID reporter’ wants the world to stop talking about the ‘lab leak theory’ because of its ‘racist roots’, retracts

New York Times 'COVID-19 reporter' took to Twitter to say that the world should not talk about the 'lab leak theory' as far as COVID is concerned because it has racist roots.

The New York Times uses arbitrarily chosen random numbers to claim that India’s actual Covid-19 infection and deaths are much more

New York Times multiplied India's Covid-19 numbers with various random numbers to claim the numbers are under-reported

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