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Nidhi Razdan quits NDTV again, had returned to the channel 11 months back after her fictitious stint as a ‘Harvard professor’

On January 31, Tuesday, NDTV's 'star anchor' Nidhi Razdan called it quits at the leftist propaganda news outlet, a report by Newlaundry said.

Yogendra Yadav warns of Islamists avenging reclamation of Kashi temple in 2522, Nidhi Razdan tries to prove she does not care about the Shivling:...

Yogendra Yadav suggested that Hindus might have to pay the price at the hands of the Islamists, 500 years later, for their actions in 2022.

From Nidhi’s Harvard job to Aurangabad teen’s NASA claims: Most talked about frauds of 2021

Year 2021 saw journalist Nidhi Razdan falling for a fake job offer from Harvard and witnessed child activist Licipriya's father being exposed as a scamster who conned students.

Harvard saga: How NYT turned a scam by suspected Pakistani Tauseef into a ‘Hindutvavadi conspiracy’ to shield Nidhi Razdan

After Nidhi Razdan got scammed into believing she was employed at Harvard, New York Times published a report to shield her

Nidhi Razdan issues statement after NYT article over how she was scammed, blames Harvard University

Notably, all these experts got together to 'investigate' how Nidhi was scammed and after one year, they concluded that they have no idea how she was scammed and by whom.

NYT blames ‘Hindutvavadis’ for scam on Nidhi Razdan when a BJP spokesperson was also targeted, proves she was only low IQ amongst everyone targeted

New York Times blames Hindu Nationalists for the scam on Nidhi Razdan, ignoring that BJP leader Nighat Abbass was targeted

Fact-check: Is Nidhi Razdan conducting classes in Harvard as claimed in the viral message

A photograph showing Nidhi Razdan conducting a lecture is getting viral on social media with claims that it is from Harvard University

Congress trolls attack ‘journalist’ Nidhi Razdan over a critical article on Party’s performance in recent elections

Nidhi Razdan wrongly claimed that AAP was number two in Gujarat Civic Polls, angering the social media army of the Congress party

Modi govt gives Padma Award to real Harvard Professor: Read details

Srikant Datar, who became the 11th dean of Harvard Business School on 1st January 2021 is one of the recipients of the Padma Awards in 2021.

The curious case of Steve Jarding: How the specialist in failure Harvard Professor failed Nidhi Razdan

Steve Jarding is in the advisory board of the Kautilya School of Public Policy (KSPP) along with Nidhi Razdan.

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