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Nuclear Power

‘India under Modi has an independent foreign policy, not easy in today’s world’: Russian President Putin

He further said that Russia can rely on India and its leadership because it is assured that New Delhi won't play 'games' against them on the international stage.

Nuclear Power Corporation to commission one new reactor every year, aims to increase generation to 22,480 MW by 2031

NPCIL chairman BC Pathak elucidated the commitment of NPCIL to a three-stage nuclear power program

Union government tells parliament it is working on new technologies such as Small Nuclear Reactors to make a clean energy transition

Government said that it is working on new technologies such as Small Nuclear Reactors to make clean energy transition

Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif flexes ‘nuclear’ muscle against India even as his country faces worst economic crisis

Even as Pakistan struggles with food, power, fuel amid severe economic crisis, their PM Shehbaz Sharif cannot stop obsessing over India.

As Pakistan’s economy crashes, read about the time Pakistan vowed to eat grass if needed to get nuclear bombs

Pakistan has nuclear bombs today but not enough resources to feed its impoverished citizens.

India to develop Small Modular Reactors with up to 300 MW capacity for Clean Energy Transition: Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Union minister Dr Jitendra Singh said that the govt is taking steps to develop Small Modular Reactors (SMR) to produce clean energy

What happens when a nuclear bomb goes off? As leaders in Russia and Ukraine throw around the N-word, here is how a ‘mushroom cloud’...

The world seems to be so accustomed to casual mentions of the words nuclear strike, nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles etc that it seems to have almost forgotten that when the last time nuclear bombs were actually used in war, two cities in Japan were flattened in a matter of seconds.

Zelenskyy says many things, depending on what he smokes or drinks: Russian foreign minister Lavrov on claims of using nuclear weapons

Besides slamming Zelenskyy, Russian foreign minister lavished praises on Indian MEA S Jaishankar

US journalist threatens India with sanctions for buying Russian oil, while all NATO countries continue paying Russia billions for energy and other products

These 'experts' have chosen to conveniently ignore that major NATO countries have continued to purchase billions of dollars worth of Russian oil and gas while using heavy words to denounce the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and pumping weapons into the war, basically paying both sides to fight.

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