Topic: Nuclear Power

The Indian air strike on Balakot is clear proof of India losing patience with terrorism emanating from Pakistan soil
Pakistan to chair National Command Authority meeting, which oversees its nuclear strategy
In his statement on the Pulwama terror attack, Imran Khan claimed that his country had nothing to gain from attacking India. Apart from that, he threatened India with retaliation should the Indian Army decide to attack Pakistan.
Between 2009 and 2013, there were 11 unnatural deaths of nuclear scientists in India
Pokhran tests in 1998 propelled India as a full fledged nuclear armed state.
Once successful, the nuclear power system could be enhanced to carry heavy payloads into unexplored space
The nation is making serious strides towards excelling in indigenous defence production
India is collaborating with Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh
The details have been uncovered in a sting operation by the Republic TV

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