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‘If they think this is humour, they must stop producing any content,’ Agartala furious at AIB writer’s offensive blogpost

People from Agartala were furious with the blogpost by Vishal Dayama, senior writer at AIB, where he made some pretty insulting remarks about the city and its people.

Man arrested for circulating offensive video against Lord Ayyappa

The video allegedly shows Lord Ayyappa in bad light.

Muslim youth from Uttar Pradesh posted communal posts from fake account posing as a Hindu

He wanted to spread communal tension and start communal riots.

FIR filed against DU professor for writing obscene Facebook post on Goddess Durga

He referred to Goddess Durga as "sexy prostitute".

Kumar Vishwas in legal trouble for yet another ‘joke’

A controversial video of Kumar Vishwas has put him in trouble.

What’s wrong with Tanmay Bhat’s video on Sachin & Lata and what’s wrong with the reaction

Freedom of speech via outrages should be used to counter distasteful jokes which can also be covered by Freedom of Speech

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