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Shabbir Gurfan Pinjari, a Surat resident who allegedly sent Barkha Dutt a d*ck pic, works as a butcher
The government has not held the telecom companies responsible for offensive messages, only they are asked to take action against senders of such messages
Barkha Dutt received an unsolicited d*ck pic from a stranger after her number was made public, she cried 'nationalism' rather than sexual harassment
Abhishek Mishra is was arrested by Delhi Police last night from Madhya Pradesh
Abhijit has spent 42 days in jail because the judiciary has denied him bail. Let that be clear.
People from Agartala were furious with the blogpost by Vishal Dayama, senior writer at AIB, where he made some pretty insulting remarks about the city and its people.
The video allegedly shows Lord Ayyappa in bad light.
He wanted to spread communal tension and start communal riots.
He referred to Goddess Durga as "sexy prostitute".
A controversial video of Kumar Vishwas has put him in trouble.
Freedom of speech via outrages should be used to counter distasteful jokes which can also be covered by Freedom of Speech

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