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one belt one road

IPAC passed common plan of Parliamentary Action against China, to address the violation of human rights and to develop alternate supply chains

IPAC passed action plan to address violations of human rights by Chinese government. Aims to develop alternates of PRC to reduce dependence for supply chains.

Chinese firms threaten to close operations in Pakistan over non-payment of dues totaling $1.5 Billion: Reports

Complaints by the Chinese side also included high taxation, a hike in fuel prices, a complex visa process, and constant pressure to maximize power generation.

China’s debt-trap diplomacy? BRI participant countries owe over 385 billion USD to China in hidden debt, study reveals

China has been using "debt-trap diplomacy" to wield outsize influence on borrowing countries and coerce them into coughing up physical and illegal assets.

‘China can’t be a global player like the US if it fails to engage India: Here is what Former UK Treasury Minister Jim...

Jim O'Neill said India will become the third largest economy in the world in the next two decades also explaining why China needs to engage India

Is China using the US exit from Afghanistan to expand its Belt and Road Initiative?

According to the Daily Beast, the Communist regime in China is planning to build a motorway connecting Kabul and Peshawar.

‘China is not a hostile power’: Former advisor to PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee downplays Chinese aggression, calls campaign to boycott Chinese products ‘stupid’

Kulkarni even encourages Indians to seek inspiration from China's achievements, amidst the border standoff at the Line of Actual Control.

All roads lead to Gilgit-Baltistan: The tensions between India and Pakistan and what it could really mean

Gilgit-Baltistan has massive geostrategic significance and India has always maintained that it legally belongs to India.

Belt and Road Initiative: China and the world

China was quick to utilise its influence in developing port near strategic sea routes and choke points

China proposes to build bullet train corridor to Kolkata via Bangladesh and Myanmar

The Chinese envoy described India as a rising economy

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