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In 2014 General Elections, Today's Chanakya came the closest with its prediction of 291 seats for the BJP and 340 for the NDA, overestimating BJP by 9 and NDA by 4
Tamil Nadu is one state where the pollsters have ended with egg on their faces more often than not and they just may add another feather to their cap in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections
Jan Ki Baat predicted a victory for the NDA with 304-316 seats and the BJP to emerge as the single largest party with 248-260 seats.
The month of March has witnessed the most robust Rupee performance since 2nd January 2019.
The surging popularity of Modi could also be seen as three opinion polls envisioned a clear majority of the NDA in the upcoming general elections
It is time for the public to demand higher standards from opinion polls and the media in general
Opinion poll predicts Congress may lose seats and BJP may gain seats in upcoming elections
In a recent article, Saba Naqvi has inadvertently revealed something that shows Akhilesh Yadav in poor light.
Former Maharashtra AAP leader Mayank Gandhi asks Arvind Kejriwal to reinvent himself
Kejriwal now hates the same things he loved once upon a time.

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