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Gems of Andy Mukherjee: Bloomberg columnist whose hot takes on India should be free for all and put in museum for everyone’s enjoyment 

Op-eds by Bloomberg’s Andy Mukherjee have been a ceaseless source of amusement and distraction from the daily rigors of life.

The govt of a secular democracy is not obligated to follow Islamic practices, if Islam takes precedence over education, the students should go to...

No one disputes the right to wear a hijab or a burqa at a Madrassa, but wearing them in a public school, where pupils from various socioeconomic backgrounds and religions study in the same room, is not justifiable.

From Balochistan to US, Armenia, Hindutva, threat of Big Tech and more: Here are the top 30 opinion pieces from 2021 handpicked by Editors

For us at OpIndia, the year 2021 has been tremendously productive. It's been a year of progress and possibilities - Here are some opinion articles we loved publishing

Facebook accepts that its third-party fact checks are nothing but ‘protected opinions’: Reports

Last year, TV journalist John Stossel had published a video on Facebook titled, "Government Fueled Fires' in the aftermath of the 2020 California forest fires. The video was censored by Facebook as 'misleading'.

A ‘stock exchange’ for social organisations is a welcome step announced in the Union Budget 2019-20

Finance Minister has announced setting up of a Social Stock Exchange to allow social organisations to raise capital.

India vs England – Dhoni, Jadhav, and the missing intent

We have seen more intent from Rahul Gandhi during an election campaign than from Indian batsmen during the final few overs.

Dear ICC, instead of policing the players, please spend some time improving the umpiring

ICC seems to be focusing on all useless things instead of doing what they are supposed to do.

No Faf, you can not blame IPL for Dale Steyn’s injury

On Tuesday, South African star bowler, Dale Steyn was declared unfit due to a shoulder injury and ruled out for the rest of the World Cup.

The Quint’s biased and wayward journalism may hurt Bloomberg’s global brand

There are way too many controversies related with The Quint. Does Bloomberg not care about its brand image?

Sorry Mithali Raj, but no individual is greater than the team

Indian women's cricket team is going through a controversy that is not going to do any good to the game or the players.

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