Topic: Padmavat

Ironically, she justified stalking in the film Raanjhanaa
Karni Sena has threatened him with dire consequences if he attends the JLF.
The Congress party on the other hand has moved to the Supreme Court
He says films which hurt religious or caste sentiments shouldn't be made.
Various parts of the country have been engulfed in the violent protests against the movie
The movie is a showcase of Rajput bravery, pride and honour
He even thanked Purohit for coming to his show to watch his own sting.
She compared violence by Karni Sena to a woman getting raped.
Violence in Gujarat over Padmavat: Hardik, Karni in action and CM Rupani's inaction.
Congress bigwigs have maintained strategic silence over the violent antics of the Karni Sena

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