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Perversion in the name of education: UK show has adults stripping naked before children to ‘educate’ them on body positivity

Channel 4 has called the show a groundbreaking new series. "Being naked is not a bad thing at all. (The show is) normalising all bodies", it shared with a video of a short trailer.

‘Paedophilia, hormone therapy’: 38-year-old Karan Kundrra’s problematic reel ‘romancing’ a 12-year-old girl draws criticism and disgust on social media

Several users posted lewd, explicit comments under child artist Riva Arora's posts on Instagram.

Times of India gives a platform to paedophilia-accused British journo Hasan Suroor to mouth platitudes on ‘secularism’ over Gyanvapi

Hassan Suroor had allegedly sent sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl during a sting operation set up by an anti-paedophile group called Unknown TV.

US Professor who was seen endorsing paedophilia barred from interacting with students, entering college campus

During the online interaction, Stephen Kershnar had gone on to claim that there are benefits to sexual relationships between underage children and grown adults.

German pedo project: How a psychologist manipulated courts to keep children in homes of paedophile men in a state endorsed ‘experiment’

A report reveals the horrors of Berlin-state Senate sanctioned experiment of granting the custody of homeless children to paedophile men.

UK: Woman sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering ‘paedophile’ husband for allegedly abusing their children

Corinna Smith awarded life imprisonment for pouring boiling sugar water mixture on her husband when he was sleeping, killing him

Pakistan: Mufti sexually abuses student, claims he was drugged by the minor

The North Cantt police in Lahore has now registered a case against Mufti Rehman under relevant sections of Pakistan law.

France passes legislation outlawing sex with minor under the age of 15, but with a rider called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ clause: Details

The new legislation adopted by the French parliament characterises sex with a minor as rape, punishable up to 20 years in prison

Twitter refused to take down child porn because ‘it did not violate company policy’, sued by sex trafficking victim

The now 17-year-old victim has filed a lawsuit accusing Twitter of allowing the child sexual abuse material be circulated and shared on their platform for months, despite complaints, and refusing to take it down.

‘The world depends on such ordinary men’: Russian mechanic convicted of murder, faces 15 years in jail, for killing a pedo while saving a...

Vladimir Sankin has been convicted of murder after he eliminated a convicted pedophile while rescuing a child from the latter's clutches.

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