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India had sent a dossier to Pakistan containing the evidence of the involvement of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Pulwama terror attack.
Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi are being censured for their lack of concern on the abduction and forceful conversion to Islam of two Hindu girls in Pakistan
Taking a tough stand on Pakistan, the US has hugely cut down on the financial and military aid that it provided to the country.
Leaders in Pakistan have time and again attacked Hindus by using insulting remarks for them in the name of targeting India.
Pakistan has deployed an entire squadron of F-16 fighters along its eastern front, says report.
It is typical of Pakistan to pretend to having taken action against terrorists and terrorist organisations on its soil whenever international pressure mounts up and allow them to function freely as soon as the pressure wanes.
India's hard-core retaliation first in the form of an ariel airstrike and then its befitting reply to the infringement by Pakistan army into Indian airspace has left Pakistan fragmentized and jittery
In the Tweet, Chaturvedi has shared a caricature image by BBC Hindi of Wing commander Abhinandan standing with a Pakistani flag in the background.
Soon after Indian Air Force displayed the pieces of AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, which are compatible only with the F16 jets used by Pakistan Air Force to violate Indian airspace on March 27, Pakistanis on Twitter started disowning the missiles.
Earlier, during a media briefing by officials from the Joint Forces, Air Vice Marshall RGK Kapoor busted several false claims made by the Pakistan government.
The Indian armed forces had retaliated to the ghastly Pulwama carnage by executing an ariel airstrike in the wee hours on Tuesday morning
In the wake of the Pulwama terrorist attack, tomato growing farmers in Madhya Pradesh have decided not to export tomatoes to Pakistan.
This time, Pakistan will definitely have to answer for every innocent life lost in the dreadful terror attack.
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had also made a similar statement last year while speaking at Future Investment Initiative Forum in Riyadh.
Fresh trouble embraces Pakistan's PM as reports of his 'undeclared' bank accounts surface.
Pakistan was conspiring with the Khalistan and using Kartarpur to peddle its anti-India agenda
New Delhi had lodged a strong protest with the Government of Pakistan over harassment of Indian Diplomats in Islamabad
Ansari told the EAM that he was kept in solitary confinement initially after his arrest and tortured by the Pakistani agencies.
Rajdeep Sardesai has time and again proved himself to be a master of quackery
The Congress leader has been surrounded by immense controversies due to his statements and activities concerning Pakistan.
Pakistan and the Congress party have always shared a mutual admiration for each other.
India has called it a violation of “India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
Baradar's release is being viewed as a move capable of facilitating the peace process.
Last week India had cancelled the scheduled meeting between the two foreign ministers in the wake of Pakistan's continued support to terrorism on Indian soil.
India said that a state whose foundation was laid on religious fundamentalism should not have any opinion on communal harmony

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