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Partha Chatterjee

Saraswati Puja pandal in Kolkata chooses the ‘West Bengal SSC scam’ as its theme, showing the deity caged due to corruption

A Saraswati Puja pandal in Kolkata chose the 'West Bengal SSC scam' topic to highlight social evils plaguing the society.

Trinamool Congress MLA Manik Bhattacharya arrested by ED in Bengal SSC Scam case

Manik Bhattacharya was arrested by the ED for failing to cooperate with the agency's investigation.

ED attaches assets worth 48 crores of former TMC leader Partha Chatterjee and aide Arpita Mukherjee, total attachment now at Rs 103 crore

Enforcement Directorate has attached assets worth Rs 48.22 crore "beneficially owned" by former TMC minister Partha Chatterjee and his aide Arpita Mukherjee.

West Bengal SSC Scam: Relative of Partha Chatterjee arrested, once a house painter, Prasanna Kumar Roy now owns hotels in Dubai, Puri and Uttarakhand

Prasanna Roy, Partha Chatterjee's relative, owns hotels not only in Dubai but also in Darjeeling, Uttarakhand, and Puri.CBI discovered several bighas of land in his name in North Bengal.

Former TMC minister Partha Chatterjee given cot and chair after he sat on the jail commode till it broke: Here is what happened

SSC Scam accused former TMC minister Partha Chatterjee allegedly broke his cell's commode by sitting on it for hours

Arpita Mukherjee purchased 18 properties from the Bengal SSC scam money, Partha Chatterjee co-owns too: Reports

Arpita has claimed innocence before ED, saying that the cash seized from her houses did not belong to her and Partha had used her residences as 'banks'.

Bengal cash scam: Woman hurls ‘chappal’ at Partha Chatterjee, objects to luxury services provided to him even after being exposed

Partha Chatterjee is embroiled in the SSC scam, after over Rs 50 crores cash were recovered from his aide’s flats.

‘Multiple women kept wiping his sweat. Besides Arpita, Partha Chatterjee also had an affair with Monalisa Das. I have proof’: Ex-TMC leader Baisakhi Banerjee

Ex-TMC leader and former WBCUPA general Secretary Baisakhi Banerjee revealed that apart from Arpita Mukherjee, Partha Chatterjee was also in a relationship with Monalisa Das

Worked on party orders, top leaders involved: Ex-TMC Partha Chatterjee spills the beans about the huge cache of cash found

Another official of the central agency informed that Partha Chatterjee has confessed to the involvement of other Departments in providing jobs via fraudulent means to ineligible candidates.

West Bengal SSC Scam: Drama outside Kolkata hospital as Arpita Mukherjee breaks down in tears, refuses to come out of vehicle for health check-up

Arpita Mukherjee first resisted getting out of the vehicle. She was eventually dragged in, still weeping, on a wheelchair

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