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Adani, Rafale and more: How opposition creates empty noise over baseless issues to disrupt parliament and mislead the public

It is important to note that in all these baseless issues lies one underlying thing – to target the incorruptible image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Apple threat notifications: Politicians, journalists claim they received hacking alerts; Apple says individuals in 150 countries received ‘unreliable’ alerts

In a new political potboiler, some iPhone-using Opposition leaders have claimed to have received "threat alerts" from Apple.

Rahul Gandhi once again claims his phone is being ‘tapped’: Here’s how he used debunked Pegasus story to make similar false claims in the...

"I presume my iPhone is being tapped," Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday while interacting with entrepreneurs in Washington.

Rahul Gandhi blatantly lies at Cambridge University, says his phone was ‘tapped’ by the government. Read how he is wrong

Rahul Gandhi stated that the intelligence officers had forewarned him that his phone conversations were being taped. They also advised him to exercise caution while using his phone for communication, he said.

‘Pegasus not found’: Supreme Court says no conclusive proof of the spyware found on the phones submitted for examination

CJI Ramana said that the Supreme Court appointed committee did not find Pegasus spyware on mobile phones it examined

Supreme Court appointed expert committee finds no evidence of snooping using Pegasus app in phones submitted for analysis: Report

Reports state that SC appointed committee has not found any evidence of snooping using Pegasus in phones it studies

As Sonia Gandhi legitimizes Al Jazeera hitjob in parliament, Congress gives another signal of how it’s now looking towards ‘foreign ecosystem’ to save it

With its domestic ecosystem unravelling, Congress strategy now revolves around enlisting foreign media to salvage its existence

Alleged victims of Pegasus snoop who gave their devices to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ fail to submit phones before SC panel

On January 2, 2022, the technical committee appointed by the Supreme Court had issued a public notice asking citizens and alleged victims of the Pegasus spyware to come forward and contact the panel if they suspected that their mobile devices were infected by Pegasus malware.

‘Judiciary, Election Commission, Pegasus are instruments used by Modi govt to suppress voices of people’: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

Speaking in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi raised aspersions on the integrity of judiciary, election commission in his attack against the Modi government

‘Insinuation about India’s UN vote is utter rubbish’, India’s ex-envoy to UN slams NYT over Pegasus report, says he was not approached for comments

Former PR to UN Syed Akbaruddin said no one from NYT approached him to get information about India's vote in UN in 2019

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