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Journalist who forged Rafale documents to lie about scam, now approaches Supreme Court alleging a snooping scandal that has no merit

Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, N. Ram had desperately tried to create an anti-Modi narrative by digitally altering some documents to make the Rafale deal look suspicious.

BJP MP accuses Mahua Moitra of calling him ‘Bihari Goonda’, had hurled derogatory insults like ‘chotiwala rakshas’ and ‘vanar sena’ previously

Moitra, however, denied the allegations and said how could she call names to someone who wasn't present in the meeting.

Congress MPs throw papers at Chair in Lok Sabha, create ruckus over Pegasus controversy

Opposition leaders stalled Lok Sabha proceedings, threw papers at the Chair.

Mamata Banerjee appoints senior member of NGO funded by US State Department, British High Commission to investigate Pegasus

The West Bengal commission to investigate Pegasus is to be headed by former judge of the Supreme Court Madan Lokur.

‘WaPo editor admitted she could not confirm the numbers were associated with Pegasus,’ ‘BDS or Qatar behind controversy’: NSO CEO

The NSO Group CEO, which owns spyware Pegasus, has said that the BDS Movement or Qatar could be behind the 'snoopgate' controversy.

Even as Pegasus story falls flat, here are the 9 ‘protocols’ Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra govt has put in place fearing being spied on

Even as the Pegasus snoop gate propaganda peddled by vested foreign interests fell flat with no takers or proof, the Maharashtra government seems to be still afraid of a potential threat of being spied on

Rahul Gandhi claims his phone was ‘tapped’ even though ‘Pegasus Project’ story did not prove so, says IB tells him about it in secret

Rahul Gandhi has come making some grave allegations on the back of the debunked Pegasus snoop gate story that was used to malign Modi govt

‘Potential targets’, ‘common system’ and more: Unanswered questions on Pegasus allegations and why Amnesty statement makes no sense

Both Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories have said that 50,000 numbers were potential targets for snooping with Pegasus

Watch: TMC MP snatches paper from IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and tears it to pieces on the floor of Rajya Sabha

While Inion IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw was reading is response regarding the Pegasus controversy, TMC MP Shantanu Sen snatched the papers and tore them up.

Amnesty now says they never claimed the ‘list’ was of NSO’s targets after lack of evidence was exposed, issues ambiguous statement

In a sensational twist to the NSO-Pegasus alleged snooping controversy, Amnesty International has now clarified that they never said that the leaked list of numbers was of NSO Group's Pegasus spyware targets, but it was the media which misrepresented the story.

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