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persecuted minorities

Pakistan: 124 including 81 Hindu women forcefully converted to Islam in the year 2022, 58% were minors

The abduction and forced conversion of girls belonging to minority communities continue unabated in Pakistan

India strongly reacts to brutal beheading of Hindu woman in Pakistan’s Sindh province, says Pakistan should take responsibility for keeping minorities safe

India's sharp response came in the wake of the gang rape and beheading of the 42-year-old Hindu lady in the Sinjhoro area, in Sindh, Pakistan

After ordering minor Hindu girl to return to her abductor, Pakistan court reverses order following social media outrage, sends her to safe home

Netizens were enraged after a video of the teenage Hindu girl crying and clinging to her mother emerged following Pakistan court's ruling sending her back to her abductor

‘Persecuted Hindu Tamils from Sri Lanka can obtain Indian citizenship under the CAA’: Madras HC

The court observed that although Sri Lanka is not covered under CAA, the Hindu Tamils in the Island country could obtain Indian citizenship under the Act as they were the "primary victim of racial strife"

Pakistan: Locals in Hyderabad falsely accuse Hindu man of blasphemy, try to lynch him with slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’

Kumar was arrested on Sunday (August 21) by the Hyderabad Cantonment police, based on the dubious complaint of the Muslim shopkeeper Bilal Abbasi.

Bangladesh: Fisherman discovers Shivling in a river, local Hindus fear they will lose its custody

Jagadish and his wife Anjana Biswas handed over the Shivling to the police after finding it in a river

Bangladesh: ‘What have we done to deserve this’, wails her child as a Hindu woman was gang raped, disrobed and killed in a paddy...

On July 29 this year, the dead body of a Hindu woman was discovered in a paddy field in the Kumar para area in the Bhervedi Union in Dinajpur district of Bangladesh.

PML-Q leader asks for expulsion of Ahmadis from Khushab in Pakistan: Here is how the area has been notorious for Ahmadi persecution

On July 30, PML-Q leader Malik Ilyas Awan wrote to the deputy commissioner of Khushab, a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan, urging him to evict the people of the minority Islamic sect of Ahmadis from the district

Bangladesh: CCTV footage shows how Islamists orchestrated attack on Hindus in Narail

The mob was led from the front by local religious and political leaders, who who denied any complicity in the crime despite their faces being caught on the CCTV.

Bangladesh: Hindus take out a protest march in Chittagong against the recent spike in targeted attacks

The Bangladesh NHRC has called upon the country's Home Ministry to intervene and prevent persecution of religious minorities.

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