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India replaces Germany as Russia’s top medicine supplier, supplies 294 million packages of pharmaceuticals in 2023

Indian manufacturers increased their exports by 3% last year, delivering about 294 million packages of pharmaceuticals to Russia.

Media reports claim doctors ‘must’ prescribe generic drugs or face punishment: Read how it is misleading

Media reports mislead about NMC guidelines on prescribing generic medicines

Cancer-causing baby powder: Johnson & Johnson wants to ‘settle’ lawsuits with $9 billion compensation

Johnson & Johnson offered to pay $9 billion to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits that alleged that its baby powder and other talc-based products cause cancer.

Pfizer director assaults journalist after being caught on camera saying the Pharma giant is working on ‘mutating Covid-19 virus’. Here is what happened

In his defence, the Pfizer director claimed, "I was trying to impress a person on a date by lying."

‘WHO blamed Indian cough syrup for deaths in Gambia, but never provided any document to prove it’: Drug Controller General of India lashes out...

Dr VG Somani further wrote in this letter, "It may be emphasized here that the Gambia informed that there has been no direct causal relation established yet between the cough syrup consumption and the deaths, and that certain children who had died had not consumed the syrup in question

After flagging Indian cough syrup for deaths of children in Gambia, WHO fails to provide documents to Govt, investigation delayed: Details

On October 31, the Medicine Control Agency of Gambia informed that they did not find any link between the deaths and the cough syrups.

Union govt forms committee to probe WHO report saying medication made by Indian firm Maiden Pharmaceuticals caused death of 66 children in Gambia

Expert committee to probe WHO report said that four cough medications made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals resulted in death of 66 children in Gambia

Tamil Nadu: Pfizer sets up its first drug development centre in Asia at IIT Madras to encourage innovation at the global level

Pfizer has set up a centre to develop APIs and finished dosage forms of differentiated products for global markets, at the IIT Madras Research Park campus in Chennai.

Bharat Biotech welcomes other pharma companies to manufacture Covaxin, but only one other Indian company has the required facility

Only 2 Indian companies have BSL3 level plants to produce Covaxin made from inactivated virus, Bharat Biotech and Panacea Biotec

Maharashtra: Fire breaks out in pharma company in Ratnagiri district, no casualties reported

Hours after a fire in Thane hospital claimed four lives, fire breaks out in a pharma company in Ratnagiri district

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