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The Vatican needs to urgently end its practice of shielding and helping the priests who are nothing but a blot on humanity itself.
It is fairly common these days for “mainstream” media outfits, especially Congress-leaning ones like India Today, to subject social media users to pejorative labeling. I offer proof once again that most of such malicious “journalism” is a product of journalistic mediocrity, which is endemic in India. In fact, what I am going to narrate to you is a first-hand experience of the infamous Indian journalistic non-application of the mind. India Today TV did a story on its favorite bugbear, the “troll”. The general plot of such stories is by now firmly established and is as formula-driven as are Bollywood movies:...
Church finding itself bang in the middle of accusations of blackmail, gangrape and selling babies
Pell acknowledges that the Church has been unsuccessful in protecting victims
Justice Pasha, who was hearing the case said that the Pope had no jurisdiction in India
Serious accusations have been made regarding the matter
Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, on Twitter, thought that the video was genuine, and slammed Trump.
An alleged 'joke' on the Pope, a legal notice, and an apology from a star.

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