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Prakash Raj seemed visibly miffed with a large number of Modi supporters welcoming him with pro-Modi slogans in Bengaluru
Prakash Raj, a left wing ideologue, who is often known for joining hands with the left-liberals to express their hate towards Hindus and the BJP, has plans to contest in the upcoming elections from Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha constituency.
Prakash Raj was speaking at the annual book fair in Sharjah
I take the side of equality and justice for all
Dr Swamy does not take any prisoners
Asking questions is not anti-national, propagating lies to discredit a foreign visit by an Indian PM, is
Is the opposition is running out of ideas to counter the government?
Biased views with no proof were peddled, while the moderator looked on
Will Prakash Raj return the funds taken from this person who is accused of a grave act of violence?
It appears that the gang led by Prakash Raj is more inclined towards Modi rather than securing justice for Gauri Lankesh
Prakash Raj seems to be indulging in insinuation and distortion of the ministers remarks to further his own political agenda.
He has been regularly speaking against the BJP

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