Monday, December 5, 2022



Rahul Gandhi targets Modi govt over price rise: Here is how data proves his claims are wrong aimed to create inflation hysteria

Rahul Gandhi claimed that prices of pulses have increased by 20% in last 15 days, which is completely false

After a sharp rise, tomato prices to come down soon, here is why

With increase in harvest, tomato availability will go up and will result in a drop in prices by December, according to Agriculture ministry

Union Govt releases onions from buffer stock to moderate prices in the market

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has taken targeted measures to moderate the price of onions in the market.

West Bengal: Unavailibity of cold storage, inefficient policies blamed for loss to potato farmers in the state

While the State produces 11.5 million tonnes of potatoes annually, there is a storage capacity of only 7 million tonnes.

#OnionScam in Delhi or a media hit job on AAP?

Arvind Kejirwal Govt's "first scam" seems to be more of a media hitjob

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