Saturday, September 30, 2023



Chandigarh: Sikh protesters go on a rampage on Chandigarh-Mohali border, 33 cops injured, riot gear looted

Sikh protesters attacked Police while protesting for release of prisoners convicted in the Beant Singh (ex CM) assassination case.

Missing 54: The heroes who never returned after the 1971 war, who they were and the chronology of the quest to get them back

54 POWs declared as 'Missing In Action' since the 1971 war with Pakistan never returned India - Here is their story

USA: Transwoman shifted out of women’s prison after ‘she’ impregnates two female prisoners through consensual sex

Transwoman kept in female prison in New Jersey impregnates two female inmates, shifted to male prison

Watch: Russia and the US swap ex-Marine Trevor Reed for convicted drug trafficker Konstantin Yaroshenko in a prisoner exchange

The prisoners exchange came in the midst of escalating tensions between Russia and the US over the Ukraine conflict.

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