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‘Do not mistake us as weak, you have no idea about our power’: How Taliban-loving Islamist Shadab Chauhan had incited Muslims on social media...

Shadab Chauhan is a spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh-based Peace Party of India (PPI). The Islamist rose to prominence in 2021 for hailing the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Bihar’s influential YouTubers and coaching institutes indulge in fearmongering over the Agnipath scheme even as the State continues to burn

Violent protests continue to mar Bihar as YouTubers and coaching institutes incite people against the Agnipath scheme.

Complaint filed against AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan by BJP leader Kapil Mishra over his call to behead Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati

Mishra alleged in his complaint that Khan was abetting the murder of our Hindu Sadhu Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati by a particular community

Govt blocks 250 tweets and Twitter accounts that claimed PM Modi was planning farmer genocide

Sources tell OpIndia that this has been done on the request of Ministry of Home Affairs and law enforcement agencies to prevent any escalation of law and order in view of the on-going farmer agitation.

Karnataka High Court dismisses murder convict’s defence, says refusal to marriage cannot be accepted as ‘sudden provocation’ for committing murder

The Karnataka High Court noted that agreeing to the defence that 'grave and sudden' provocation led the accuse to murder the victim will rob the woman of her choice and dignity

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