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Rabri Devi

1458 sales deeds recovered, ‘Gifted’ land deeds signed by Rabri Devi as beneficiary accessed: Read details of land-for-job scam in Indian Railways under Lalu...

CBI, probing the land-for-job scam, that dates back to Lalu Yadav tenure as minister of railways, has recovered as many as 1458 sale deeds during raids

Tej Pratap Yadav claims he had a secret meeting in public with Nitish Kumar, says he’s Lord Krishna who would change govt in Bihar

Tej Pratap Yadav claimed that he had spoken with Nitish Kumar and that Tejashwi Yadav will take over as Bihar's CM soon.

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family feud turns uglier, after targeting Tejashwi, mama Sadhu Yadav targets Tej Pratap

Sadhu Yadav further said that Lalu Yadav is not fit even to be a peon. He also said that he would welcome Tejashwi and his newly wed wife with a garland of shoes.

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son Tejashwi Yadav to get married soon, engagement ceremony likely tomorrow in Delhi

Engagement ceremony of Tejashwi Yadav to take place at Misa Bharti's residence in Delhi on Thursday

‘Mahilayen maaf nahi karengi’: Read why Tej Pratap Yadav is angry at RJD and says women will never forgive the party

RJD had shared list of its star campaigners ahead of by polls for 2 assembly seats.

Some people have made my father Lalu Prasad hostage in Delhi, alleges Tej Pratap Yadav, brother Tejashwi reacts

Tej Pratap Yadav is the elder son of RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. There have been reports of power tussle between him and his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav on who would be the rightful heir of his father to lead the political party.

Live updates: NDA crosses the majority mark as counting of votes continues late into the night

Live updates of counting day for 243-seat Bihar Assembly elections and bypolls across 11 states for 58 seats.

Bihar: The shocking story of Jungle Raj hidden in voter turnouts

The shocking story of Jungle Raj in Bihar no one told you.

High drama outside Lalu Prasad Yadav’s place, daughter-in-law Aishwarya sits on a dharna all night, ‘allowed’ to enter in the morning

High drama ensued outside former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav's place as his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav's estranged wife reportedly sat on a dharna outside his house all night long.

Tej Pratap Yadav accuses wife of defaming him by leaking stories to Media, says she wants to ‘scandalise the court’

Today, a video surfaced where Rai was seen leaving teary-eyes from her mother-in-law, Rabri Devi's house.

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