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A journalist with Navbharat Times, Damodar Vyas tweeted to Tajinder Bagga wondering how the Railway Ministry was serving food marked for 20th January on 19th January itself
The train which will be designed to be probably the fastest self-propelled train with a potential speed of 160 kmph and is expected to be rolled out by 2020.
The Train 18, manufactured by Integral Coach Factory Chennai is capable of running at a speed of up to 160 kmph and will replace the Shatabdi Express currently the country's fastest train.
The government provides railway tickets at a highly subsidized rate, with citizens bearing only 43% of the total cost
The subway was constructed on the busy Waltair Division of East Coast Railway
Now passengers won't be the only one affected by train delays
Madhubani and Madurai have bagged the second position
He was speaking at a Lokmat event after being named the politician of the year by the media group
Indian Railways has seen fewer than 100 accidents in Financial Year 2017-18
As many as 200 artists worked to make it possible.
Things aren't going too well for Lalu Prasad Yadav. Find out the details of the latest scam he has been accused of.
No this is not Satire, and hopefully not a fake news.
This would go a long way in imbibing punctuality among Indian trains.
The Tejas Express one of the best trains to have been introduced by the Indian Railways

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