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rape apologist

No, Mamata Banerjee, even if the 14-year-old girl was pregnant because of ‘love affair’, that is still statutory rape

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has recently courted controversy after she tried to downplay allegations of brutal rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl as a 'love affair' gone wrong.

Political analyst Abdul defends rape joke by Congress MLA Ramesh Kumar, had earlier said Kamlesh Tiwari deserved to be murdered

I am a first-time woman. And I cannot tolerate a lawmaker talking in this kind of language," Navika Kumar snapped.

Rajasthan DGP blames ‘internet’ and ‘curiosity’ in youth for rising rape cases in the country, Congress-ruled state tops the list

As per the latest NCRB data, Rajasthan has highest number of recorded rape cases in 2019.

‘Romantic Rape’: Read how an Odia TV channel was caught promoting a talk show that was ‘romanticizing’ rape

Further in the clip, the male actor tries to explain to the female actor that a rape scene cannot be romantic and he always wanted to be a 'hero', not a villain. To which the female actor replies, "so you wanted to do a romantic rape scene, not a usual rape scene like the villains do".

The Vatican probe into the Kerala Nun Rape case: a PR stunt for the disgraced

The Vatican has formed a one man probe panel to investigate the allegations of rape against Bishop Franco of the Missionaries of Jesus.

Swara Bhaskar should be the last person to accuse anyone else of being a ‘rape apologist’

Her protests appear hypocritical when she has defended stalking in films and downplayed sex crimes by Islamic invaders

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