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The story of Hercules: Bangladesh’s mysterious serial killer who hunted down rapists and punished them

"Hercules" left notes tied to the necks of all his targets, calling them rapists and warning others as well.

UK: Over 50 children were sexually abused by paedophile catholic monks on holy Caldey Island for decades, no action taken against the accused

The Caldey Island is one of the holy islands in UK where Cistercian monks reside and has been a popular tourist destination.

Uttar Pradesh: Married Dalit woman drugged, held captive and raped for five days by auto driver Sajjad, she had helped him multiple times in...

The woman was repeatedly raped and held hostage by Sajjad who also threatened to kill her son when she shouted at him.

Pakistani man asks how many fellow Muslims have been raped or sexually abused by a Maulvi. Hundreds of responses will shock you

Replying to Faisal Rafi's question if people in Pakistan were raped by maulvi, a girl named Iqra said she barely knows any grl who hasnt been.

B*nc**d Hindus, I did what I wanted to: Shakir, father of three kids, flees after raping 3-year old in Delhi, lived in a Hindu’s...

Shakir and the infant lived nearby in Delhi. He took her to his room and sexually assaulted her. Cops are looking for him now.

Delhi: Massive protest erupts after 34-year-old Arman rapes a 4-year-old girl in Pandav Nagar, accused arrested

In the Pandav Nagar neighbourhood of East Delhi, a 4-year-old girl was raped on 23rd March by a 34-year-old Muslim man named Appu.

Uttar Pradesh: Waseem rapes 16-year-old girl in Muzaffarnagar, records and threatens girl to keep quiet, absconds after sharing video online

The minor girl in Uttar Pradesh was raped around fourteen days ago in a field by the Muslim accused who is now on the run.

Rape case against JSW MD Sajjan Jindal false, filed with intention of framing him: Report

The complaint of rape was filed against Sajjan Jindal, managing director of the JSW Group, by an actress at BKC police station in Mumbai.

Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh: Nizam claims to be Sanjay Kumar to lure Hindu girl on Instagram, rapes her in a hotel in the...

The offender Nizam used a Hindu name as his Instagram ID to trick the victim in love jihad. He has been nabbed and taken to prison.

‘The Kerala Story’-like incident in Ghaziabad: Minor Hindu girl lured by her Muslim friend found with Rahisuddin, was drugged and reportedly raped

Rahisuddin's aunt and sister were also complicit in the crime against the 15-year-old Hindu girl in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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