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Twitter turns into a memefest as Gmail, Google, YouTube go down for people across the world

Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Pay, all down. 2020, we are so done with you.

Indian Army spots the elusive, mysterious ‘Yeti footprints’ while on an expedition near Makalu Base Camp

Must have come out to vote for Modi: Twitterati reacts to Indian Army spotting the 'Yeti Footprints' in the Himalayas

The irony of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meeting Rahul Gandhi, to talk about ‘tackling menace of fake news’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has earlier admitted the left-leaning bias of his employees, and has today, met Rahul Gandhi

Twitter reacts as MoD spokesperson Twitter handle responds harshly to ex admiral, apologises later

The Ministry of Defence spokesperson's Twitter handle has since apologised for the tweet

Shekhar Gupta manages to expose his own hypocrisy by preaching over caste issues

He has managed to completely contradict himself

It was a corrupt policy intended to promote corruption: Jaitley reacts to 2G scam verdict

The two senior leaders of the BJP have reacted strongly to the verdict

Shashi Tharoor gets slammed for his ‘wordplay’ on Miss World Manushi Chhillar

Under all his posh demeanour, Tharoor also believes in tweeting WhatsApp 'jokes'.

#AAPKaPorn: Twitter erupts into hilarious jokes as Arvind Kejriwal’s pic is used by porn account for a meme

From reviewing films to being a porn meme, Arvind Kejriwal has come a long way.

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