Home Opinions The irony of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meeting Rahul Gandhi, to talk about 'tackling menace of fake news'

The irony of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meeting Rahul Gandhi, to talk about ‘tackling menace of fake news’

Jack 'explained' some of the steps taken by Twitter to keep conversations 'healthy and tackle the menace of fake news' to Rahul Gandhi.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who is on his maiden visit to India, met Congress President Rahul Gandhi. After Rahul Gandhi posted their pictures on Twitter, Twitter erupted with memes and jokes galore.

Ironically, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ‘explained’ some of the steps taken by Twitter to keep conversations ‘healthy and tackle the menace of fake news’ to Rahul Gandhi.

I am glad that Rahul Gandhi has taken a refresher course from the Twitter CEO, considering his social media team regularly indulges in spreading lies and photoshopped images on Twitter. Congress’ social media head Divya Spandana, too, has shared fake clipping of newspaper to malign the BJP.

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Wonder if Rahul Gandhi confessed to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that his party’s social media head advocates creating multiple fake accounts and how she ‘uses psychoanalysis‘ to influence people? And did they have a good laugh at all the ‘#KnowYourLegacy‘ goof-ups by Congress Twitter account? My personal favourite is the one where Congress Twitter account made Indira Gandhi inaugurate a project 8 years after she had died.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has earlier admitted the left-leaning bias of his employees. Twitter has been under fire recently after it showed bias against right-leaning accounts. Last year in November, Twitter ‘paused’ general verification of profiles. Twitter also ‘de-verified’ already verified profiles where Twitter users behaviour was not falling within the ‘new guidelines‘.

The anti-right bias of Twitter has been apparent. During the end of 2016 predominantly Right Wing accounts in India were soon getting suspended after criticising the Aam Aadmi Party.

Twitter suspended another popular Right Wing allegedly for questioning Kejriwal and anti-nationals. Things became slightly more brazen when it was seen that a total of 7 ABVP accounts were suspended by Twitter. Twitter restored the accounts only after protests by supporters.

Twitter’s arbitrary policy which led to the suspension of accounts of right-wing Twitter users on social media has also been questioned. In March, Twitter users asked users to delete tweets with the phrase ‘kill me’. Twitter proceeded to suspend the accounts which did not delete.

Jack will be attending a town hall in IIT Delhi today and hold interactions.

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