Friday, May 27, 2022


Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Your security is equivalent to ours”: Turkey pledges support to strengthen Pakistan’s military infrastructure

Turkey president said that he considers Pakistan's security, stability, and prosperity equal to that of Turkey.

How Sadanand Dhume passed off a Turkish ethno-supremacist as just another international figure

Ozil is not your average “international figure” as Dhume and some others would like us to believe. This is a man infamous for being a supporter of Erdogan. The same Erdogan who is on warpath against India over Kashmir.

MHA to probe Ilker Ayci as allegations of Al-Qaeda connections had emerged after he was named new Air India chief

MHA to conudct thorough background check of newly appointed MD-CEO of Air India Ilker Ayci

Turkey descends into chaos: Protests, 20% inflation, and a plea to ‘eat less meat’ to tackle soaring prices

Turkey has descended into chaos with soaring prices, 20% inflation and protests against the flailing economy.

Poopgate and Politics: Read this incredible story of how street dog Boji has been framed in a metro rail dog poop case in Turkey

A popular street dog named Boji was recently accused of defecating on the seat of a train in Istanbul in Turkey. Turns out, he was framed.

As Islamism grows, Turkey pulls out of treaty that aimed to prevent violence against women because it ‘promotes divorce’, women protest

On Thursday, Turkey officially withdrew from an international treaty to prevent violence against women, prompting massive protests in Turkey.

‘It encourages divorce’: Turkey quits European treaty on violence against women claiming ‘protecting traditional social fabric’ will protect women

The Turkish government claims that the Istanbul Convention undermines family structures, encourages violence and divorce.

Turkish Intelligence agency and Pakistan’s ISI creates anti-India propaganda team by hiring Pakistani and Kashmiri journalists through TRT World

Turkish state-owned media houses such as TRT World and Anadolu Agency have hired a large number of Pakistani and Indian Kashmiri journalists

Turkey: Four students allegedly depict the Kaaba next to LGBTQ flag, detained and called ‘deviants’ by Interior Minister

Condemning the artwork as an 'ugly attack' on Islam itself, the cops detained four students on the 'suspicion' of denigrating religious values.

France disbands Turkish far-right, Islamist and neo-fascist group Grey Wolves for instigating hatred

The Grey Wolves are viewed as a group having their allegiance to Turkish authoritarian ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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